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Dear Surfer:

Kim here. The tall, MALE, keyboard player. Ms. WebMistress insists that I tell you about February, so here it goes.

This month has been a time of creativity and practice for bn9. As usual, we've been working hard. We're in the process of introducing a new song by Everett, our bass player, called "I Wouldn't Do That" which has a nice a groove and a good vibe.

On the 20th, we played at Drew University in Madison, NJ, at this hip room called the Other End on campus. Personally, it reminded me of the Agora coffee shop in Montclair, NJ, where I grew up. A real good thing.

At Drew, they treated us really nice. Gave us coffee and two GIANT plates of nachos, which were excellent. It was a trip. It's great to be around the University atomosphere because everyone is so young, it's like you never grow old. We had a good time. But unfortunately, Susan was held captive by her employer and was unable to make it. Her presence was greatly missed.

Since most of the time we talk about different things in this letter, I figure I'll talk a little about me since I don't seem to say much. As I said above, I play keyboards in bn9 which I love. I also have co-written a lot of the material, with the slave driver, Ms. WebMistress, a/k/a Stefanie Seskin. So I'm always busy, as you can imagine. What I like about bn9 is everybody has different musical influences, which I guess is pretty evident in the type of music we play. I'm a big guy and I have a lot of influences. Here are just a few:

Jimmy Hendrix, Sly & the Family Stone, Roxy Music (especially "Virginia Plain" - well, spelling is not my thing), Lou Reed, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley & the Wailers and P-funk. I don't know if I actually play like any of these people, but I was constantly surrounded by their music and we can't help but be influenced by these things.

Back to the month of February. On the 27th, we played at Desmond's on Park Ave. South in NYC. From the outside, it doesn't look like much, but inside the old wood helps the music resonate. It's a funky Irish Bar but the vibe is great for playing. You just really sort of get it on in there. I've had some good times at Desmond's. It's a good place. I would imagine it's a great place just to tie one on, which is something I'm going to do when I finish this.

By the way, about the 27th - it was a birthday party for Stefanie. She wanted to butt into my letter, but I wouldn't let her. So if you click here, you can read about it from her perspective. I think she's putting up photos, too.

Anyway, so much for the Kim Preston version of the bn9 monthly letter to you. Peace, out. See you on down the line.

Stay tuned next month, same bat time, same bat station. Maybe someone else will be coerced into this other than me!



p.s. hey - write me, why don't you!

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