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Dear Surfer:

Me again. I shouldn't even bother to say that any more. It's always gonna be me these newsletters.

This month's news - we actually made it into the studio and we recorded basic tracks for 7 tunes. This happened Sunday, the 21st. We may have to re-do some of them, but all in all, a pretty good first day. Al at the Loft up in Bronxville is super wonderful to work with. I forgot my camera. I wanted to take pictures because I could hardly believe it myself let alone expect you people to believe that we actually made it! But we did. When this is all over, I'm going to have a list of "thank you's" that will take up an entire website, i'm sure.

Aaaanyway, I did find a cool photo to use as the CD cover. But I don't want to let you see it yet. Soon! I have to clear it with the photographer first, actually. That's the real reason I can't let you see it.

Other news - we're on ( which is the latest "ooh aah" technology for delivering music over the internet. Thanks to Jeff Johnson for hooking us up. He did a great job with a live version of HOOK IN, so if you haven't tried MP3 yet, check it out (you'll need to download a player.) There's also a live version of SWEET SUGAR HONEY there now, too. MP3 has a charting system and since HOOK IN has been up (since Feb. 2nd) we've been in the top 25 on the charts! Cool, huh? We're also on the Music Monster Network's charts and Soundclick's chart. Please go vote for us if you have the time. Every vote helps us move up the chart which makes us more noticeable so that more people will listen to our music. Which is all I really care about, to be honest!

Other stuff...if you're into checking out other bands from around the world, surf to There's some great stuff there.



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