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Dear Surfer:

It's Stefanie. I got laid off from my day job this month. Isn't that exciting?! Don't offer your condolences...I'm kind of glad. Change is often a good thing.

Enough of the personal. March was fun. We played at the Bohemian Gala in Queens on the 10th and then at O'Donnell's in Harrison on the 12th. Once again, we love O'Donnell's and will be back there on the 21st. If you live in Jersey, please come out and support the bar. It's a great place. How many times have I said that?! It's easy to get to on the PATH train, as well. Then, we were back at Desmond's on the 24th. This was fun, too, as always. We had a nice turnout and plan to return. Thanks to my ex-co-workers for coming out and supporting!

We got our own domain name now. is now functioning, I just have to take to time, which I have plenty of now, to transfer everything over. But you can tell your friends to visit us at that address. It's much easier, isn't it?

Finally, I played on the 25th with Alan Bennett at CB's Gallery.... a little flute, a little singing, a little percussion. It was a great time. Alan's music is mellow, catchy and memorable. I think I'll be playing with him more often in the future, so do come check it out. I'll keep you all posted on his upcoming gigs, even if I'm not playing with them. Meanwhile, you can visit his website: Alan Bennett Band.

Finally, the CD is mastered and the artwork is ready and now we're just waiting for the manufacturing. It has 11 songs, mostly our old stuff, and we plan to jump right back into the studio as soon as it's out. Keep your eyes on this site for details and please join our email list if you haven't already for news and other scandals.



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