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Dear Surfer:

Ok - by now you all know we had 3 birthdays this, George & Kristy. Needless to say, March was party filled. We started off with a show at Desmond's on March 2nd. If you haven't seen the music video that came out of that show yet, check it out!! But only if you have a fast computer. There's a link on our PHOTOS/FANS page. Thanks so much to Aaron Strebs for shooting it and editing it. Also, thanks to you if you were in the audience that night. It was too fun. At one point, Sheila got everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me... I was embarassed. Usually I'm the one doing the embarassing, and I didn't know what to do! I tried sneaking off the stage once I realized what was transpiring, but Kristy blocked my way. Sneaky singers that they are!

We also played at O'Donnell's on March 11th - a pre-St. Patrick's day party. Sean Malloy cooked up KILLER corned beef and cabbage. The audience coerced me into doing "I'm In Debt". Again, this was a very fun time, but I am much too out of shape to do that song.

That was it for March shows. I just got back from Florida... went to Disneyworld and had a blast and got a little bit of a suntan. It felt amazing to get the hell out of the gloomy winter. Did a lot of walking, so now maybe "I'm In Debt" is doable, but I will bore you no further about Florida and details on Mickey Mouse.

We have 3 shows scheduled for April - on the 6th, we're doing an AIDS benefit at Purchase College in White Plains. We're back at Desmond's on the 27th, and on the 26th, we're doing a Leukemia benefit at the Grand Summit hotel in Summit, NJ. We're also planning a summer tour out of town, and a mini tour of upstate NY in August.

Finally, we plan to start recording our second CD in May. George is doing really great on keys, so we're just going to go for it. We haven't sold out of the first one yet, but that tour out of town that I mentioned in the last paragraph could also include distribution out of town. So hopefully we'll get rid of some more CDs. Sorry to be so cryptic, but until the check has cleared, I have learned not to talk too much about stuff in the music business! So you're just going to have to wait for more details on the out of town adventures of blue number nine!



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