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Dear Surfer:

Hi. This month was filled with ups and downs, just like the weather. On the 5th, we played at Rutgers Newark. We originally were going to have a keyboard player, but it didn't work out, so we went without. Joel, Ada & Rob played with us. Sounded great to me. So I have decided - to hell with keyboards. As much as I long for those phat Hammond Organ sounds, we're just not seeming to find anyone, so I officially give up. Those of you who know me know that I don't give up easily on much. But this hasn't been "easily." There just aren't any available keyboard players for bn9. Then again, if one comes along, I won't say no! Finally, about this gig - we got a nice, positive review in the school's newspaper. It's on our reviews page.

Later that day, I find out that the guy who books us at Tobacco Road got fired. So I called the club to confirm out gig on the 28th and found out it was cancelled. Next, I called the promoter to find out why he hadn't called to tell me about this. Well, it turns out he didn't know. I was basically the unwilling messenger, and was pretty shocked and irritated by the whole saga. "The Telephone Game", literally. It sucked.

On the 8th we played O'Donnell's. Marco and I went by there the night before because the Star Ledger was there writing an article about the pub. I was so happy to hear this! Press for Jim!! Hooray. Finally. The gig was a blast! Thanks SO MUCH to Luis for bringing friends, who brought friends who brought friends. So it was pretty crowded and we didn't stop playing until 15 minutes before closing time.

We had our first rehearsal in Concussion Studios this month. Henry seems to think we're going to make big bucks renting it out as a music recording studio. I kinda think "big bucks" and "music" in the same sentence is like using "lottery" and "win" in the same sentence. But that's just me. I'm getting jaded and frustrated, people. I've written two new songs over the past month and a half and they are so far from the happy blue number nine you've grown to love that I've been thinking of starting a new project called black number zero or something. I just don't know what it is with me.... 9/11, global warming, my lack of job-dome....?? I guess it's a funk, but not the good kind, not the Parliament kind. Maybe it's just the birthday month blues (my b-day was the 1st.) We Pisceans are very sensitive to the movements of planets and such. Every year around this time I go through this. Maybe next year, I'll tear March out of the calendar and just do two Aprils. That could help, don't you think? I do love our studio. Maybe this badfunk will pass.

We played Crossroads in Garwood, NJ, for the first time ever on the 14th. Nice place! With food, and I hear the food is good. Thanks to Mike Rocket for booking us..... and to all the members of his band for sticking around and cheering us on. It's always a little odd playing in a new room to total strangers, but this was a good time. Definitely come to Crossroads next time we play there, NJ - it's big with tables, food, a good sound system (not too loud) and pretty crowded.

On the 17th (Happy St. Pat's!) I went to the US Trademark site just to check out what was happening with the trademark of the name "blue number nine". In 1998, when I very first applied, we had major problems and we were denied. Well, it turns out we now own the trademark! As of March 5th 2002, four years later. I have no idea why or how this happened. I suppose the paperwork went to my old address (2 addresses ago.) Whoopdeewhoop! Now I can put the little "TM" thing on our flyers.

Finally, we played Uncle Joe's in Jersey City on the 22nd. Cool place right in our backyard, practically! Thanks to everyone who came out and to Alieron for jumping on the bill only 2 weeks before, and only one day after the Tobacco Road debaucle (they were on the bill for the 28th, too. In fact, I booked ALL the bands for that gig at Tobacco Road that was cancelled.) Uncle Joe's is a very cool and cozy place with couches and a fireplace - it's like playing in someone's livingroom. At one point, during Alieron's break (they played a long set and we asked them to play more), Minoru picked up Marco's bass, Joel jumped on Jack's drums, Jack grabbed Minoru's guitar and Dave Lambert sat behind Joel's congas while Aaron sang "Like We All Do" and I played the flute... we just broke out into this bizarre spontaneous jam. Definitely the highlight of the night for me. Also, this very cool band out of Montclair State U. played after us. They're called Chapter One. Interesting music - kind of Elvis Costello meets Frank Zappa, with three saxes and tons of energy. Very fun. I hope to play there again some time.

Not much happening in April - Borders Bridgewater on the 12th and the Taste of the Towns on the 25th. Have a great rest of the month!

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