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Oops. Forgot, for the first time ever, mind you, to do this last month! I can't believe it!! Well, nothing at all happened in February. We didn't even rehearse as a full band, just Marco, Jack and I messing around in the studio. Marco wrote music for 2 new songs over the past two months. I've since come up with lyrics for one of them and the song WAS finished until my computer corrupted the file. I really need a new computer.

In March, we had a gig on the 21st at a new venue in NYC called VIBE. Cool place. Because of the war, it was not very crowded, but we still had a good, loving crowd. Applause after my flute solos had me blushing! Our oldest fan showed up and I am a putz because I can't remember her name, she caught me so off guard, but you know who you are and THANK YOU!! (Is it Linda??) Dara sang with us this night because Camari was out of town for her birthday. The stage is pretty small, I guess I should say "intimate". I don't have a whole lot to say about this gig except that we loved it and will definitely be performing there again. I think the band did a great job.

What else is there to say? Well, hell, I'll say it. On March 22nd, Marco and I attended the peace march in NYC. We brought along a tamborine and agogo bells. When the attack, err, war, was first announced, I became depressed and started to wonder what difference music makes, what difference ANYTHING makes. At our gig on the 21st, I changed the lyrics to a chorus of Hook In expressing my pro-peace sentiments and the audience cheered. That was answer #1. Answer #2 came the following day at the peace march. Marco and I fell into step with a drummer and later, a trombone player. Because we were playing music, the people around us were dancing and singing and smiling, and it was so much fun and I truly felt they appreciated that we were playing music. In fact, when we reached Washington Square Park, we found a drum circle and joined in, and a woman said to me, "Wow! You have great rhythm. You're holding it together. It's a good thing you're here" and then she danced away. It felt great and I remembered what music is for... to lift people's spirits, among many many other things. Marco found this picture on the internet. I'm in the blue number nine cap. We somehow ended up at the front of the march. If you're reading this and you think the war is a good thing, then you disagree with me and that's fine. If you want to talk about it, you know where to reach me.

peace & love,


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