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Dear Surfer:

Much love to you if you click this link and vote for me, Stefanie Seskin (please do!)

My solo CD is on a great internet radio station called Engage Radio's Evolving Artist, and I'm getting a decent number of spins. It's validating and feels good, so please vote (every day if you remember) and know that you are contributing to keeping me from being totally depressed.

See, I went on vacation from Feb 23rd to March 8th to a place called Bonaire. I also spent a day in Curacao... my cousin Jimmy lives there. Lots of scuba diving and lying around. It was great - paradise - and I was envious of the people who live there. Yea, yea, I'd get bored. No, I would not. I am sooooo tired of NYC and soooo much want and need a change. I feel better than I did the first 3 days back from vacation, I just find it a little pathetic that I look forward to vacation so much. I mean, I have a life! Vacation should NOT be the #1 part of life <<sigh>>.

The band got right back into rehearsing. I bought a new piece of gear this month - Shure PSM200 in ear wireless monitors. So I actually was VERY MUCH looking forward to playing live. I haven't looked forward to playing live in, oh, years, simply because it was no longer fun. I love recording. Now, with these monitors, playing live is like recording because I can hear myself! When I can hear myself, not only do I sound better, but I enjoy singing so much more.

So before doing our first show this month, I did an interview for a podcast called "The Big Break" on Low Country Radio - check it out: The very nice DJ, Don Lewis, based out of South Carolina, is also very talented. This interview, in my opinion (and my mother's) is as good as if not better than those you'll hear on commercial radio stations and even on NPR (I love NPR, but Don really did a great job...) The band will be playing in SC in May. The idea of playing all the way down there for one show at 10am on a Saturday is a little dreadful to me, but Marco, our booking bassist, has worked his butt off to find us other gigs. So far, no luck. But not only am I grateful to Don Lewis for his wonderful support, but also to the North Charleston Arts Festival for booking us. The event looks like quite a big deal. We've had a few new festivals willing to take a chance on us this year. But the routing isn't looking as sweet as last year. I'm still going to have a good time... oh yea. Anyway, do check out Don Lewis's podcast. He has great taste and podcasting is where it's at!!

On the 18th, we played at the Triumph Brewery. This venue used to book one band for the entire night, but now they book two, which makes absolutely no sense, and it also pays less than it did before. We asked our pals Buzz Universe to join us on the bill, and we shared drums with them. I don't know how it could work, otherwise. There is no room for band equipment to lie around, but it turned out that we didn't need amps anyway. Everyone went direct.

The show itself was a TOTAL BLAST. Buzz Universe was great - they're music is light, happy and fun, fun, fun. We had a good turnout - thank you so much to everyone who came out that night. And the in ear monitors worked great. We had Camari & Morgan on vocals. The three of us sang 2 songs with Buzz, and their sax player Alex played a few songs with us. Jeff also sat in with them on keyboards on a song. This show was just so much fun. Some people came out whom I haven't seen in a while, and someone who I met online NINE YEARS AGO came out to see us for the first time. He's a musician, too, and I'm really hoping to be able to work with him. Yea, this was a great gig and a good time.

On March 25th, we returned to O'Donnell's Pub. The mystery of the evening was this - When was the last time we played there? I thought 2 years, other people said 3 years, but it turns out our last show at O'Donnell's was Fri, October 11th, 2002! So... thank you to our fans who came to see us again after 3 1/2 years and to those who didn't make it, you are officially in the dog house. Yes, that's right. Next time we play at O'Donnell's, I'll bring you a bone. Eh.... just kidding. You can redeem yoursevles by coming to see us at the Watchung Arts Center in April (see our schedule.) We had a good time at O'Donnell's. Made some new fans & friends and caught up with some old ones.

The day after the gig, Luca & Camari crashed at the house and Dana came down from NH the next day for a vocal rehearsal (don't ask why bn9 has this insane history of having members who live far far away!!) Dana will be joining us on some upcoming shows, and you will be pleased to hear this girl sing. She can sAAAAngs, she doesn't just sing. It's fabulous.

So that was March. Next up - a private party in Altoona, PA. We will be borrowing Terrence's grandma's van to get there, since a certain drummer got rid of his van. Terrence's grandma doesn't know we're borrowing her van. I hope we don't get in trouble. I hope we don't break down! After that, the Watchung Arts Center later in the month, then, the madness begins.

Looks like we might be traveling every weekend in July... mainly to the midwest. I keep saying we should just move there!



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