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Dear Surfer:

How funny - I missed February's DEAR SURFER. I think I missed it last year, too. I went on vacation in February for my birthday to the island of Bonaire where I did lots of scuba diving. It was fantastic.

The recording is finished! Now, it's mixing time. I am tackling the mixing myself, which I know isn't the best plan, but I have no money, so I have no choice. Marco thinks I do a good job, so I am just plowing forward. Hopefully, it will come out great. But you'll buy it anyway, right?!?

We played one show this month... we had Paul and Viola on vocals. Paul was late for the gig because he couldn't find the place! I was freaking out a little, for no good reason, though, really, because it seems no one could find the place! It's called the Underscore, it's on 1st ave betw. 89th & 90th Streets and there is no sign on the door that leads down the stairs to the club. Thanks to those of you who came out! We all appreciate it.

Not much more to say this month, even though it's been 2 months. Our summer schedule isn't super busy, and unfortunately, we won't be playing the Journal Square series this year. They only offered us one date this year (we played four last year) and we can't do it because we have to be in Milwaukee the next day. I am pretty disappointed about that. But I'm excited about the shows we do have, especially the one in Milwaukee where they're putting one of our songs on a compilation CD which is super cool.

Also, you may notice there are no Altoona dates on our calendar... we're waiting to hear back. We'll definitely be returning to Altoona, just don't know which dates yet. It's hard to fit it all in because most of the people in the group have other jobs. We all wish bn9 supported us financially but it doesn't.

Speaking of financial support, put Jack in your prayers. He's out of work again and is pretty strapped for cash. We want him to find a job, but we're worried that any job he gets won't give him time off to tour with us. So please send some good vibes our way!




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