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Dear Surfer:

Hi! This is JoAnn the percussionist. I’ve been selected by the Webmistress to do this month’s newsletter. Well, here goes……

March has been an unusually quiet month for blue number nine, but it’s the calm before the storm. More about that in a moment. The band finally managed to do an updated group photo pix. It came out really cool and it’s on our website! We only had two gigs during the entire month, but this gave us time to work on new material and plan strategy for the months ahead. The first gig was at Images on March 21 in Fairview NJ. This club is one of the few in northern NJ which showcases original bands. We were one of four groups scheduled to play that night. Typically, “bn9” stood out in a league of its’ own. Playing these kinds of venues is kinda like piling in and out of a cattle car. You know, equipment piled high and deep and each band only showcasing for about 45 min. It sort of reminded me of Dante’s inferno with mirrors! Among fans who loyally showed up were my sister Gina, her friend Lauren and also Chuck and Dean. It’s always nice when friends come out to support you. Dave from Flatlander turned out too.

The second gig was at Flanagan’s in Westchester’s Mount Kisco on Friday the 27th. This was our third appearance in a place which bears an uncanny resemblance to Desmond’s Tavern in NYC. A band’s worst nightmare, second only to be canceled, took place when we discovered that the club had mistakenly booked two bands for that night. Fortunately my husband and personal roadie/band manager took the diplomatic route and worked out a deal with the other band and the owner. Using our P.A. to save time, the other band ,which was a Chicago Blues type project, went on first. We followed about an hour and change later. To our delight and surprise the other band’s members stayed on through our entire show! So, this story had a happy ending! The only sad note was that Marilyn and son John, also Marie and son, Dominick, nephew Joe and friend (Sharon) showed up to hear us but being educator friends of mine, all of whom had been up since the crack of dawn, they couldn’t stay due to the impromptu schedule change and left before we came on. All took rainchecks for the following week at Crystal Bay in Peekskill, our next stop. Remember what I had said at the beginning of this newletter about the calm before the storm? Well, starting with Flanagan’s we begin a hectic two month calendar that has us gigging no less than twice a week through the beginning of June!

Well that’s about it. The project is starting to get really tight and I think that the high standards and goals which band leader Stefanie has set are beginning to pay off! By the way, this June I will mark my first anniversary with “bn9”. You know it’s funny but I feel that I’ve known my band mates forever!



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