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Dear Surfer:

Hey, what's up? NEWS!! We made a recording of HOOK IN. We did it in a crazy way. Basically, the guys recorded the music onto DAT (digital audio tape), then I took the DATto the home studio and recorded it onto a 4-track, added the vocals, mixed it down, sent it to the Hookmeister who encoded it into MP3, and there you have it. (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, basically, we made a low budget recording and it's available on the internet in CD quality for you to download. Grab it at So now this song is available and people from all over the world are able to hear bn9's music, the band with no CD. (I think we're the ONLY band with no CD. Really!) Anyway, lots of people seem to like the way it sounds. We've been getting e-mails from websurfers and from webmasters asking us to link off their site. It's cool!

This MP3 won't be up for long, though! We made it back into the recording studio this month. We cleaned up a couple of songs and added some vocals. Still not halfway there yet, but we're getting there and I'm not worrying about it. First, it will be worth the wait and second, I've become so much more patient through this band! I've also really grown closer to my bandmates. Everett especially was so helpful at this last session! It was really fun! Anyway, the MP3 of HOOK IN - it will be removed from the internet forever once we finish the CD and get some songs encoded. So download it now before it's history. (Hey - you never know...the song could become a hit and then the "bootleg" live version will be worth something, like Beanie Babies! Ok, I'll get real here: You may just happen to like it.)

This month, we learned 2 new songs which I'm happy about. Seems like we're really moving in a new much more focussed direction, musically, and if you come see us, please comment on the new material!

We've got some gigs coming up, 3 pending. Possibly in May in NJ, in June in CT and in Sept. at a college. We're also planning to play the Bitter End again and hopefully the Blue Moon Ale House in Mahopac. I don't want to jinx the gigs so I'm not giving more details! I will tell you, however, that we are doing the boat ride thing I e-mailed everyone about. We really hope you'll ride the boat with us. It should be a good time - all you can eat food, cheap beer and 2 bands! The other band, Flatlanders is really excellent! Think Hootie with REM's edge. We'll e-mail you with the details once we have the tickets. It's July 15th (Thursday). We thought this would be the best night of the week because people seem to go away on the weekends in the summer.

That's about it. Surf on over to Soundclick if you have a minute. A well organized music site with lots of great stuff to sample. You can vote for us there, while you're at it! (Under "Top 40"). And do visit Blindfrog. Music, art, and siliness. Fun place to surf. And please vote for bn9 at Music Monster Network. We were actually #1 for 2 weeks.



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