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Dear Surfer:

So I'm not a subtle person. Kim is leaving the band. His last gig with us will be May 5th at Marty's in Portchester. Please see our schedule for other gigs. We've been asked to play a street fair on the 7th without keyboards because we haven't found a replacement yet. Ok - so I'm apprehensive, but I think we'll be ok and we're determined to find someone, although it will be tough to fill Kim's shoes. Not only because he wears a size 15, but because he's a great and talented guy. We will miss him tremendously.

We did our monthly stint at O'Donnell's this month. A treat, as always. The STAR LEDGER put us in "The Ticket" the night of the show and some people came out to hear us based on the article. Very cool. On the 26th, we played the Bitter End. This show was broadcast live on the internet. We didn't know it would be, or we would have told you. Sorry!! We also did the Austin Street Fair in Queens earlier in the month. That was fun. The weather this year was exactly the same as last year - overcast and pretty bleak, but when we played, the sun came out, ironically when we did "The Moment I Saw The Sun." Bizarre!!

Finally, our May 5th show at Marty's Bar will be webcast at Make sure you tune in at 10:30 EST!

Anyway, that's it. I hope to have some really groovy news in next month's letter to you.



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