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Hello. Spring at last! I don't know about you, but this weather, freakier and freakier each year, has me a tad disturbed. I don't really feel safe saying "spring at last" because it could just snow tomorrow. Someone said to me, "See? Snow in April! It can't be global warming." Excuse me? Global warming is happening, people. It doesn't mean that all of a sudden we're in a rainforest! This is it. Call me Ms. Grand Conpiracy Theorist if you want, but I think our species has some serious problems on the horizon.

On a lighter note, fun gigs this month! April 14th we played at the C Note. Frank Wood put the show together. He's a stand up dude - he loves what he does. He appreciates all types of music. One of the shows he booked for us was cancelled once and I flipped out a little on the phone with him, but it got him riled up. He called the venue and made the gig be back on. I haven't experienced that with any other promoter ever. (Check out I'm not blowing smoke up your ass if you're reading this Frank. I'm not saying you're perfect!! Like you gotta get on your webmaster's ass and keep the gigs straight. I know a good webmaster if you're looking for a new one. Anyway, the gig was fun. We had a good turnout, especially seeing as the C Note has been quiet lately. We had an off the cuff jam on "Hook In" which was cool. Dara Seitzman performed with us which is always a treat. And my friend Meryl from high school came with a friend, which was really cool because I hated high school, yet a friend came out of that place and not until a few SHORT years LaTeR.

On the 26th, we were supposed to head out to Long Island to record a live music video. I was psyched, but on Friday (yes, the day before), the owner called to cancel. Apparently, the person who works for the company that was to be our producer never showed up to work, so the owner decided to cancel. It pissed the hell out of me because I couldn't understand how this one person was essential to make it happen. The band was set (10 people's schedules coordinated, mind you - 1 of whom took off work, 4 of whom turned down paying gigs and I just barely reached Sheila up in Buffalo before she got into her car to drive here! And we were PAYING the studio to do this video for us!) The engineers were set, too, or I least I had thought they were. It turned out that the producer had an emergency and was hospitalized (I knew something was wrong all along....) Perhaps it was for the best. If I had found out that news prior to the taping, I'm sure I could not have performed. The producer is a good friend of mine. Anyway, if you want all the gorey details of this little disappointment, email me and I'll fill you in. (I don't expect my inbox to be flooded with inquiries!)

Our other gig in April was another Frank Wood event on the 29th at a place called RARE which used to be called The Cooler. Dara performed with us again (Sheila as you know is living and working full time in Buffalo, so she can't get to NYC on a weeknight) and was awesome. Rob Susman's trombone solo on "sweet sugar honey" always makes me have more fun! Ada Rovatti on tenor and Nabate Isles on trumpet comleted the horn lineup and both of them were fantastic. Everyone was on time... early, in fact. Except for the people who work in the venue! We waited outside next to the stinky as ass garbage cans until someone came and unlocked the place to let us in. It was nice to see Sara from Score!Prep and Dave from CBS in the audience, as well as a lot of friends we haven't seen in a while. Thanks, everyone! We did a new song this night, for the first time ever. It's called "Love The Beat." Isn't that deep? It's a very deep and thoughtful song with profound lyrics about staying up all night dancing... clearly an escapist piece in these whacked out times. And I like it, so there! The most fun part about performing this song is that Jack, Marco, Minoru and I were the only ones who ever rehearsed it together. Heather Bennett, who joined us on keyboards, Joel and the horns had never even heard it! But I think we pulled it off. As for the venue, it's pretty cool, though it couldn't accomodate the sound requirements for an 11 piece band with lots of horns and vocals. Most venues can't and it's a shame because it's fun to be able to go all out with a big huge band. Also, Veronica Manning, one of bn9's first ever back up vocalists came out to see us. I think she may be doing some gigs with us again, but let me not jump the gun!

Next up - Amsterdam Avenue festival on May 18th (w/the random horns - Ada Rovatti on tenor, Nabate Isles on trumpet and Lauren Sevian on baritone). Please keep an eye on this website for details, it's still up in the air. Meanwhile, we're planning a CD release party (also up in the air) and a mini tour of the Cleveland area, which was finally finalized end of April. We'll also be performing at Harrison Fest on May 31st at the Elk's Lodge. There's a description of our experience there last year in the June, 2002 DEAR SURFER. I'm looking forward to it because the Harrison Elks rule! We'll be performing with a new guitarist named Sal Carubba (Minoru has to work his day job and can't get out of it... oh well) and hopefully a keyboard player also.

One last thing... check out our schedule. Don't even ask me how we managed to get 4 gigs in 3 days in Cleveland in June. Thanks to PAMELA WEST and to our very own SHEILA CONNORS for getting it going. We've got Michael J. Media Group doing promo for us. Looking forward to it.... but the week before that, we've got our CD release party! I have no idea why I thought I could deal with a CD release party one week and a tour the next. Simply because I have to go to work and stuff, too! And I'm a perfectionist so I want to do it right. It will all be fine... deep breaths!
One ONE last thing.... now for the heavy part. Have you been to the pharmacy lately? I have, unfortunately. I went today (toothache - AHHHHH, more drama than you want to know.) Did you know that when you fill a prescription now, you have to sign a form saying that you've read the privacy statement and give your consent? This statement says that the pharmacy cannot give out your medical information, but there are exceptions. The first exception wherein they can give out my information without my consent "if any of the following instances occur" - 1. required by law. Um... can't laws change? Needless to say, the remaining 8 exceptions are all vague and bizarre. The whole thing is very "1984" and completely trashes the concept of doctor patient confidentiality. What are we going to do about this?

  peace & love,


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