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Dear Surfer:

This month was spent mixing, and mixing and mixing - it took forever, but we finished. We finished mastering, too. The artwork for the next CD was a source of major stress this month, too. Nothing was quite right. We had 3 different designers.

Actually, the entire process of this CD has been a nightmare to me. Last CD was fun... this one was not. It was so hard! But I am happy with the finished product.

On the 18th, we had a good time playing at the R Bar in NYC. Thanks to everyone who made it out. I went a little crazy this time there - they have stripper poles on the stage and also in the back of the room. There was a posse of about 20 young women in the back of the room going up and down and around the poles and cheering loudly whenever anyone did something risque. So of course me with my big ego not wanting to be outshined climbed up one of the poles on the stage and slid down. The posse seemed to get a kick out of it, and I enjoyed doing it! I think they give stripper pole lessons at the R Bar. If I had more time, I'd take a few just for fun. It really is fun without the actual stripping part.

I think we played a decent set but the sound in that venue isn't the greatest. PLEASE come to our CD release party on June 6th! The last of my stress is this CD release party. Once it's over, all CD related stress will be over. It should be a great show - we'll have horns, keyboards & percussion in addition to the regular 6 of us (actually, we'll have all 3 backup singers on the gig.)




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