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Dear Surfer:

Wow, things are so slow, it's weird, but it's OK. The gigs we have had and the rehearsals have been fun, and now that it's spring and summer is just around the corner, there will be barbeques at the bn9 headquarters! We'll just have to have some fun since we're not getting as many gigs as last year.

We rehearsed on the 19th and I recorded it and we had a show on the 22nd and I recorded it. I bought a Zoom H2 and am going to do a Podcast... hopefully the first one will air next month! But we'll see....

So we played the R Bar on the 22nd and it was a good time! It was our friend April's birthday, so we sang happy birthday to her, but that rendition won't be on the podcast because I sang stupid lyrics that I don't want anyone to hear!! Nadina and Morgan were on the gig, as well as Bob Ramos and Minoru Kikuchi on guitar.

Our next show will be at the same place, same time on May 13th (that's the R Bar at 8pm!) We hope to see you there. Next show after that will be at the Everything Jersey City Festival bright and early - 11am. I wish they didn't give us such an early time slot, but the way things are going this year, I'm glad to have ANY time slot!! The Everything Jersey City Festival is basically a block party in Jersey City Heights on Central Avenue. More info on our SCHEDULE page.

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