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Dear Surfer:

Hi there. This is Susan, one of bn9's back up singers, reporting on April '98. Well, to say the least, it's been an interesting month. I had a birthday on the 8th (so did my pal Joey). I want to thank the gang again for the thoughtful cards and gifts. Mel gives a special "shout out" to Kim and Stef.

Other birthdays in April are carpool buddies Minoru (4/25) and Everett (4/28). Happy Birthday!!!

April has also come with a few cancellations :( which is disappointing but also to be expected in this: The Music Biz.

At Drew U, we missed Natalie's voice, but we got a special treat by having Doreen Younglove, an upward rising star in her own right, fill in.

All in all, throughout our adventures big and small, our families and friends have stood by us and supported us. April was a perfect example of this. At Crystal Bay, my mother and sis came to see us. The same night, Natalie's mother and sister came from Connecticut and Virginia, respectively. Stef's sister was also there, all the way from the West Coast. The night before, also at Crystal Bay, JoAnn's mom and dad came, as did a couple of her co-workers. At Romano's, JoAnn's sister came with a friend and Jack's sister too, with a friend, and Stef's sister, too! Thanks to Iris and Rod from Xanthi Music for coming down as well and for Kim's co-worker Sharon for dropping off flyers for us.

Thanks to ALL of our supporters! Having just concentrated on April, I couldn't possibly have mentioned everyone. (I'm sure I missed someone for this month.) You know who you are and we all know where we'd be without you. You give us the inspiration and the drive to go on no matter what is going on in our lives. We owe it to you and ourselves to "keep on keeping on".



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