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Dear Surfer:

This month was busy! We did some more recording on the 12th and it's coming along. We took some photos in the studio (because we know you think we're crying Wolf and that there's still no CD coming!) You can see the pictures on our photos page. They're just snapshots. Also, I've set up plans to meet with the artist who's working on the packaging, and we've got a photo shoot planned with award winning photographer Brent Stirton. I suppose everything is coming together, finally, but of course it all involves major running around and very little sleep. Oh yeah - and I bought a new flute finally! It's gorgeous.


We played this month! It felt so good to perform again. We were at the Austin Street Fair in Forest Hills on the 18th (THANKS, BETH!) Got some new names on our mailing list, met new people and also introduced Jennifer Kelly, newest member of bn9. Jennifer is a soprano whose voice blends beautifully with mine and Natalie's. Doreen also performed with us that day. The three of them together was the best back up vocalist team ever to perform with bn9. There are photos of Jennifer as well as D & Nat up at our photos page. The gig was a great time as those outdoor shows always are. Thanks for my family for coming out and showing your love and thanks to Alonzo Boldin for shooting pictures AND video (check out his website...we'll have his pics and video up soon.) Also a million thanks to Joe Serano for "wining and dining" us after the show! It was really fun...(Joe - I took your advice and went to and I bought something - what you play!)

Now for the other half of the story.... well, there was a slight, baffling miscommunication about the time we were supposed to perform. We apologize for those of you who showed up after we had already finished. We believed we were scheduled to play from 3:30-4:30, but when we got there at 3:00, we were told that we were supposed to have played from 2:15-3:15 and that we had 5 minutes to get on the stage! But Everett (our bassist) wasn't there yet. He was THERE in the area, but he couldn't find parking! So while he drove around and around and around and around, we had to do 2 songs without him. I chose songs that I thought would fly without bass. Nothing really flies without bass as far as I'm concerned. As an ex-bass player myself, I LOVE the bass, I boost the bass, bass is where it's at! And Everett is a killer bass player. Anyway, so we get to third song and I decide, oh well...we just have to do the funky stuff without him. So we did "All The Way". This song is an upbeat, DANCE tune with a bass and drum solo in the middle of the song. The bass and drum solo are coming up and I'm singing and wondering what the hell we're going to do to fill the space, when suddenly, out in the crowd, there's Everett, running and taking his bass out of his case at the same time. Two measures before the section, he's on the stage plugging in and hits his first note RIGHT at the bass & drum solo. It wasn't planned and it was a tad stressful, but the timing couldn't have been better!

Finally, not to be a pest, but we only have 100 tickets total for the Half Moon Bay boat cruise on the 15th of July and we've already sold 20 and it's only May. So if you're interested in going, we really hope you'll order now. You can order online using your credit card by going to our Half Moon Bay information page. This is a perfectly safe and easy way to order stuff off the internet. It's really fast. I do it all the time and have never had a problem. Oh yeah - everyone who orders in advance gets a free gift.

Hope to see you soon!



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