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Dear Surfer:

May was busy. The biggest news - The CDs are here! So I spent most of the month shipping and mailing, mailing and shipping. What fun!!

We played at Marty's in Portchester on May 5th which was cool because we met new people and made new friends. Thanks to X-it for hooking us up! (They'll be appearing with us in July again at Desmond's. Stay tuned.) Then, we did a street fair in Ridgewood, NY, our first time without keyboards. We rocked the block! Sounded great.

May 18th we played at Downtime. It was pouring rain that night. Thanks to all the brave souls who came out. Diane's sister Mandi sang with us that night. She did an amazing job! We also had Joel Hirsch perform with us on percussion. This guy can really play. We're hoping to have him grace us with his presence more often.

On the 19th, we played at O'Donnell's once again in Harrison. What can I say? We love it there. I keep telling you to come to O'Donnell's and this "Dear Surfer" is no exception. Come to O'Donnell's! Then, we played the Amsterdam Avenue Blues Festival on the 21st. For this show, we had a horn section, Joel again on percussion, and Mandi joined us again. Our very own Jennifer covered the keyboards and she was quite amazing, especially considering that she learned the entire set in one day. Pictures from that gig are coming soon.

On the 25th, we played the Orange Bear as part of the Sounds From Venus showcase. This event was sponosred by, a site worth checking out.

Just to let you know what we're up to next: We'll be play the Harrison Street fair on June 4th outside of O'Donnell's. We'll have 2 special guests... Dave Lambert from Flatlanders on accoustic guitar and Lloyd Nilsen, bn9's original bass player, on keyboards! So come on out and please pray for nice weather. Then, we're back at O'Donnell's on the 16th.




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