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Dear Surfer:

Started off the month with a little trip to the Jersey Shore. Couldn't get "Turnpikes and Parkways", our new song, out of my head the entire trip.

Gigs - May 10th, we returned to O'Donnell's. There was a private party earlier and the guys went before the party to set up. I was too exhausted to help, thanks to my new day job. I'm working now, that's right, in an office. Ms. anti-cog in a wheel, that's me, has taken a corporate job. The pay is decent and soon "I'm In Debt" will be history. The people are really nice and there's no b.s. BUT, anyway, I was really tired because I'm not used to it. I can't believe I used to work 5 days a week and gig at night. The gig was great! The party was happening and when we showed up, the party got wilder. Dancing, people were singing, it was rather out of control, actually. We got back to Concussion Studios around 3 and my head hit the pillow at 5am. And then we did a photo shoot the next day. Woo hoo!

Photos from the shoot are up on this site. We used Kathleen Kelly, the photographer who came and shot us for the HOME NEWS TRIBUNE article. Shot in Jersey City, the photos are pretty damn excellent!

On the 16th, we played Tobacco Road after a film called "Don't Show Pink" which I was not particularly fond of. It was a documentary about strippers competing in Texas and there was plenty of T&A. Two friends, Aaron & Dave, made the film. There were plenty of people there to see it, but most left by the time we got on stage, which was a shame because we were really good that night. A friend of Ada's, Chuck McKinnon, showed up and played trumpet. We got on stage much later than planned/expected/advertised, but had a fun time nonetheless. Afterwards, Marco and Jack practically dragged me outta there because after I used up my 3 drink tickets, people were buying me drinks. Eeeesh. Thanks to everyone who came out! Especially Sheila's boys from her security gig, Nelson & co, for sticking around until the end!

The 24th, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, we headed down the turnpike & parkway to Eatontown, NJ, to play at the brand spanking new Borders there. It was great! They treated us fabulously, we sold some CDs, the usual Borders beneficial gig. I was very concerned about potential traffic, so we left way early and had too much time to spare! There was no traffic at all. I was almost disappointed because everyone was on time!

Finally, this month, Jack got laid off from his day job. We now have 3 unemployed people in the band. This phenomenon has left me no choice. From now on, we will only accept gigs that pay us. Because it costs money to gig and now that Jack is jobless, the man with the van, our transportation, I just can't accept having him spend money he doesn't have to go out and gig. I feel very bad about this, because what it means in practice is that we will no longer be performing in New York City. So to everyone who only comes to see us in the city, please come out on June 12th to the C Note as it will be a long long time before we're gracing any city stages again. I know it's hard for New Yorkers to come to NJ for any reason - I mean, really, NJ, especially Jersey City where I live, is horrible, simply horrible, don't move here ever, please, you won't like it, you'll hate it even though rents are affordable and public transportation is reliable, there's nothing attractive about it at all that's why I moved here..... ANYway, it's not permanent, we just want to save up for that next CD (how long have I been saying this?!)

Speaking of CDs, for those of you who remember Kim Preston, he released his own CD! As soon as I can get more info about it, I'll let you know!


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