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Dear Surfer:

We have two new singers in the band -- Ilise and Viola. They both will make their debuts in June.

Don't forget we have a DVD available for purchase on this website and at shows. It's good. My mom says parts of it are good, parts of it are "funny".... I guess the joke is on us, but funny is good, right? Laughing is good.

This month, we had 3 shows. The first was at CAMP JAM in the Pines in Hammonton, NJ, on May 11th. We had Doreen, Morgan and Paul on backups and Jeff Witt joined us on keyboards. Thank you so much to Lori & John for having us. This was my new favorite show ever -- a camping festival in a beautiful spot on a lake with nice, dancing people. The hospitatlity was so great, it was hard to leave and if we ever play it again, I hope to camp out because I really wanted to hang out! Karyn had to work the next morning at 9am and we didn't get out of there until midnight even though our set ended at 8:30. Like I said, it was hard to leave! Karyn is a trooper though and she somehow pulled off what she had to pull off. There are photos of this show on our site. Go HERE.

Our show in Jersey City on May 18th almost got rained out. The sky was grey and it was CHILLY but the organizers decided to go ahead with the show and somehow, it didn't rain. This was our first show with 2 horns and no back up singers. We had Jenny Hill on alto and Rob Susman on trombone. Our friend Bob was there with a camera, so I hope to have some photos up soon. This was a fun time, even though it was cold outside. It was very relaxed and enjoyable to play so close to home.

It rained on the 19th... in New Jersey, but not at our show at Penn State Altoona (the Blair County Arts Festival.) The drive there was cloudy and awful until we got closer to Altoona where the sun was shining. We have photos of this show HERE. We had Evie and Doreen on back up vocals and it was a good time, as it always is in Altoona. Driving home, we hit rain. Jack was driving. We drove all the way to Altoona (left at 12:30 got there at 5:30) and back in the same day. I'm starting to realize that traveling in such a manner is insane, but we have even worse road trips coming up later this summer. We'll be driving all the way to North Carolina and back and Marco has a gig with another band the day after our show. I don't know how he plans to pull that off. I could never do it.

We haven't started recording yet, but at least we're playing the material live and we've been working on it at rehearsal. I'm starting to get really antsy though about the recording process. I just want to get started!

My month of gigs ended with me performing with Buzz Universe on the 26th and 27th at two different camping festivals. I've been singing, playing some flute and sax and percussion with them on shows I can make. Yes, sax.... live. I promise to bring it to a bn9 show soon!




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