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Dear Surfer:

Huge news this month! We launched our new podcast bn9time. If you haven't yet checked it out, what are ya waiting for? Please leave a comment when you're done listening. Visit It's fun and we had a good time making it and hope you enjoy it.

In shows this month, we were supposed to play at the R Bar on the 13th, but the venue cancelled on us the day before. The show got moved to another venue, but the new venue was too small for us, so we didn't play. It's too bad, we were looking forward to it, but as I've always said, please check with the venue before coming to see us! This kind of stuff if beyond our control.

Our next show was at the Everything Jersey City Festival on the 16th. We had me, Marco, Jack, Nadina, Paul and BD Lenz on guitar, who did a great job as always. Afterwards, we had a cookout (as you'll hear in our podcast), then, when that was over, Marco, Jack and I went back to the festival to check out another band and meet up with 2 of our friends who came back to the house afterwards and hung out with us. It was a fun day and fortunately, the weather cooperated! It rained early in the morning but cleared up by the time we hit the stage.

And that's about it this month. Please join us at Wicked Willy's on June 12th where we'll be playing from 9-11. Or if you're in Jersey City during the day or can slip out for a long lunch, we'll be playing in Journal Square on both the 5th and 26th of June from 11:30-1:30. Let's hope for good weather!

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