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Dear Surfer:

May was a busy month, but then again, every month is a busy month. It started off with RiverFest '98 at Fairleigh Dickenson University. It was nice to see some fans from last year show up. We also made 2 new fans who passed us on to a producer friend of theirs, so we're excited about this! Who knows? Thanks to Slim for letting us participate in this event. Also, thanks to Slim for letting us know about Mexicali Blues, a club in Teaneck. More about Mexicali later...

Our next gig in May was at Flanagan's in Mt. Kisco on May 8th. It was fun except for one heckler guy who sort of rubbed Kim and Everett the wrong way. I don't want to get into it too deeply but let's just say the guy didn't bring out the best in Kim & Everett!

Iris at Xanthi Music got us a great gig on May 16th at Border's Bookstore in Bridgewater, NJ. We got lots of names on our mailing list. Thanks to everyone for signing it. AND...we could've would've should've sold quite a few CD's, BUT - as you know, we don't have one yet. I must admit, it was somewhat bizarre playing in a bookstore with the bright lights and people browsing through books all around us. Readers are odd people (I know because I am one!) People were peeking around the bookshelves and listening to us but trying not to show it.

Because we've been so busy, I missed a couple of bands I wanted to see and I apologize. Particle Zoo and Weep, forgive me! My Mom's been visiting a lot, too, so I've been busy being a good daughter.

Finally, we played at Mexicali Blues on May 30th. The club had a cancellation and Eli booked us without even hearing us. He trusted his instincts, I guess. It was very cool. We had a good time, though 4 sets worth of material can be quite grueling. I have to stop putting the song "I'm In Debt"in the third set, because by the fourth set, I'm running on autopilot. The margaritas helped. I generally don't/can't drink before singing, but Mexicali has some mean margaritas and they were generously giving them to us for free so I couldn't be rude, now, could I? Thanks to everyone who came out to that gig - Slim and Alexandra, Jackie & Glen and friends, my Mom but especially to the people I wasn't expecting: Joe Del Priore, Peter Feola, Dan & Karen (my new co-worker), Rod & Iris and anyone else I've forgotten.

Finally, Kim and I wrote 2 new tunes in May, but we have yet to incorporate them into our set which is frustrating! Soon, I hope.

Next month, you'll be hearing from Natalie. Peace!



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