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Dear Surfer:

Greetings web surfer. Man...who really reads this thing? Who really visits this site? I don't know because no one signs the guestbook. BOOHOO! When I was in college, there was all this talk about how the internet was this amazing interactive medium. I guess that's true for lists and bulletin boards, but not really for websites. Or maybe no one loves us and they just don't want to sign our guestbook (hint, hint - could you sign our guestbook?)

May, May, May... was fun. We played the Bayonne Hometown fair on the 15th and the Amsterdam Avenue fair on the 16th. Both were a blast. The weather was beautiful both days, the people were cool. We sold tapes and made new friends. Bayonne was interesting. The band before us was a deathcore band with tons of fans who needless to say weren't too interested in us. But somehow, we attracted a large crowd of happy, dancing, partying people. I love it when you dance, if just feels good. Ditto for the Amsterdam fair. New Yorkers are a tough audience, but we seemed to win over many of them. We sold ALL of our tapes that day! I wish I had brought more. We also shared the stage with some fine acts, among them Kings in Disguise and the Blue Sparks from Hell (who were exciting, entertaining as hell, and tons of fun) and others...all class acts. This event was put together by Beth Davis Entertainment. She does an amazing job and we love her and love working with her!!

Someone reviewed our live show at the Bayonne Fair. I can't wait to hear what she writes. No one's ever reviewed our show before, just our tape and our MP3's. So this should be interesting. I hope she's honest! I'll post it as soon as I get it.

What else in May...we accomplished the photo shoot! Unfortunately, Minoru couldn't get out of work that night, so he's not in the pictures and we're going to use them as our new promo shot because they're awesome! If you haven't seen them yet, go to our photos page. We've got to take more photos. We need some of the girls and one with Minoru... yet another project!

Also this month, I got together with the artist who's designing our CD. She works at a major label and told me there are about 700 different styles of inserts and CD cases and combos to choose from. It's all very confusing! I have a hard time making up my mind about things as it is. Do I choose the 6 page foldout or the poster insert? The clear jewel box or the cardboard? Blah, blah, blah, blah!

And as far as the recording goes, I'm happy to announce we are near completion on 6 songs - The Moment I Saw The Sun, Jerking My Chains, You Tell Me I Know, Safe To Fight, sweet sugar honey and Hook In. It's taking a little while because I'm determined to make this project extra special with guest vocalists and suprise instrumentalists. This is going to be a full length CD, too, so we've still got some basic tracks to lay down. But it's coming and it's sounding good! The Loft is an excellent studio and we're having a blast working with the fine people there.

Finally, last month I was so excited because we were selling tickets to the boat cruise. But the momentum seemed to slow a little. I really hope people will join us for the boat cruise. I can't tell you how much fun it is to cruise around Manhattan on a boat. I've been on the Circle Line 3 times and I love it. But on this cruise, you get food, you get Flatlanders, and you get blue number nine. The food alone is worth it. So I hope people will come. You'll save a few bucks if you buy in advance ($25) instead of at the dock ($28), but if you'd rather buy them at the dock, fine, just please come! For more info on the Summer Boat Cruise, check out our BOAT CRUISE page. Meanwhile, if you're free on Memorial Day, check us out at the Astoria Street Fair on Broadway between 36th & 37th Streets. We'll be doing an hour and a half worth of music and it's FREE! We'll have free stickers, blue number nine caps ($13 - high quality) and t-shirts ($10) available. You can also order our caps and shirts off this site using your credit card or by check. Click HERE to buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend! Thanks.




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