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Dear Surfer:

Hello! The CD is doing well. Thanks to everyone who has bought it and for your comments and criticisms. We really appreciate it. I probably shouldn't say this, but you can expect a 2nd CD next year....well, we PLAN to start working on it.

There's a new member in the band - Amanda Chiorello. She's Diane's sister and they sound great together! Look good, too. Jen Kelly has not left the band, but rather she's functioning as vocal arranger and additional singer when needed. We'll have more info on Amanda soon. We also hope to be introducing you to a new keyboard player soon!

June gigs - we played the Harrison Avenue Street fair on June 4th and O'Donnell's on June 16th with our old bass player Lloyd Nilsen on keyboards. The guy is talented and did a great job! Other than these two gigs, it was a busy month for me personally. I just moved into a new apartment and am STILL job hunting! Haven't written any new songs lately. Some people believe that when you're happy, there's nothing to write about. I don't think this is true, although I do find it easier to write about downers in life rather than uppers. So stay tuned for a new song entitled "The Moving Man." Those of you who attended our O'Donnell's gig on the 16th know what I'm talking about!

Other news - bn9 has distribution now through Our CD is available at all the major online record stores as well as and You can also purchase it here off this website (click merchandise.) I'm also on a booking frenzy as you can see by our schedule. Mostly Borders Bookstores for now, but also clubs around the tri-state area. It's been a rough road booking clubs. I think after 40,000 more phone calls, we'll have some gigs lined up!

Speaking of clubs, I want to let you know that I have made amends with the Elbow Room and it looks like we will be returning there. The person who books the room opened up to me... basically, they emailed us about playing there and I explained why we would not. In return, I received an apology and a warm and heartfelt email. I was suprised and touched! I will be performing with Aaron at the Elbow Room on Friday, July 7th, so do come check it out. It's a great band and I have broken down and will be playing JETHRO TULL! Yup.

We'll be back at Desmond's in July and at Jones Beach followed by a bunch of street fairs. We'll keep you posted.



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