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Dear Surfer:

Our first gig this month was the 1st day of the month at the HarrisonFest street fair in Harrison, NJ. The Harrison Elks hired us to entertain them. We were in their parking lot, which they set up with a bar, kegs of beer, a barbeque, tables & chairs and a tent for us to play beneath. This was a fabulous party. They fed us, served us drinks and cold water (and it was a hot day, so we really needed that water!) And they were just happy we were there (we got a round of applause as we loaded in! Nice to have fans.) The Elks passed around our tip jar on our behalf and people were generous. Couldn't ask for a better gig - outdoors on a beautiful day, an audience that more than gave a shit and generous servings of food, drink and tips. We had an amazing time! The gig went from 1:30 in the afternoon until 6 and both Jack & Marco had other gigs that night, so we couldn't hang out, as much as we wanted to. Especially with John Tichy pouring shots of tequila into us! Can't wait to play for these people again.

The New York Road Runner's Club invited us back for the mini marathon again. The booking happened very last minute, and Ed from the club apologized profusely... but I assured him no one had any other gigs booked at 7am on a Saturday morning. The run happened on June 8th. This year, I asked for a tent, and they complied, but it wasn't as hot as last year anyway. It was a great time! Once again, a real pleasure performing for such a large group of women.

On the 12th, we did a 7pm hit at the C Note in NYC. My co-workers all came out and it was exciting for them to see what I do when I'm not at work! Rob and Ada joined us this night. I think we performed well. This may be our last NYC gig for a long, long time. (see last month's "Dear Surfer".) Then, the 14th, we returned to O'Donnell's with Dara Seitzman on vocals. Sheila couldn't perform with us, Dara did a great job.

That was it for June, and as you can see, our calendar is pretty empty now . We're going to upstate NY for 4 shows in Upstate NY at the end of the month, but not the usual zillion gigs after that. I'm freaking out about lack of gigs - I fear I'll go through withdrawal. But we're not going to settle!


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