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Check out my tour diary for details on June 2nd to June 12th. These were our shows:

Thursday, June 2 - Columbus Arts Festival, Columbus Ohio - great stage, awesome sound system/ hazy rainy weather, windy & cold
Friday, June 3 - Fat Fish Blue, Newport Kentucky - decent turnout, but not as many people as last time we played here; great accomdations, nice people
Saturday, June 4 - Fat Fish Blue, Newport Kentucky - it's pretty cool playing the same place two nights in a row! This night was better attended.
Sunday, June 5 - Caddie's Pub, Columbus, IN - incredibly nice people, a great time!
Monday, June 6 - HiFi Club, Lakewood, OH - basically Cleveland; filler door gig on a Monday night, but it wasn't bad!
Tuesday, June 7 - Club Khameleon, Kent, OH - really nice people, power outage during our set!
Wednesday, June 8 - Mid City Grill, Fort Wayne, IN - great time; after party at Andy's house that went until 5am!
Thursday, June 9 - night off; hung out in Chicago. Morgan lost her purse in the venue. It was returned to her before she even realized she lost it, with all the money & credit cards still in the bag!
Friday, June 10 - Penny Road Pub, Barrington, IL - interesting
Saturday, June 11 - festival in Deerfield IL in the morning, show in Appleton WI - Tom's Garage - in the evening. Tiring, but 2 great shows! Tom's Garage is a super cool place with a great vibe.
Sunday, June 12 - BayFest in Green Bay, WI. Met nice people again, but lost our camera. No photos from our tour!

Jack recorded most of them onto minidisk. It's a lot of music to sift through, but we'll put the good bits up on this site! I still haven't gotten over the fact that our camera is lost and we have no photos from our tour. It makes me ill... like it's a sign, an omen, I don't know. I'm usually not superstitious, but it's REALLY BUGGING ME! On another note, people have been asking me if the tour was exhausting. No. The opposite. It was invigorating at times, and at other times, really easy. Working an office job, tutoring AND running a band - that's exhausting. Just touring for 11 days is not.

We also performed this month on June 25th in Princeton at the Great Grapes Food & Wine Festival. Everyone was looking forward to this show. Camari is in NYC right now, so she did this one with us. I am disappointed that more of our NJ fans didn't come out. The weather was brutally hot, but the event itself was fantastic! The site was beautiful, and I love wine, so to me, there's nothing like a wine festival. Thanks so much to those who DID come out! It was nice to see some faces from long ago. Marco bought a new camera, and Nick Z took some pictures for us which are on our FANS page. We also got a decent recording of this show off the board. There are MP3's in our WIMPY player at the top of this website in the LIVE TAPES folder. Check 'em out! We had a big band - the usual 6 plus Jeff Witt on keyboards, Rob Susman on trombone and Mariano Groppa on alto sax. This was Mariano's first show with us. We were offered another wine festival in September by the same company. They liked us. This one is in Gettysburg, PA. Anyway, the wine festival was a great time. Like I said, it was HOT outside and I felt woozy several times, but the band sounded so good, I had lots of energy.... it seemed like we all did.

Now, we're working in yet another new vocalist, auditioning another later in the month of July, and gearing up for some mini tours. We really hope to see some people we know at our upcoming shows. If you haven't heard us lately, you really should. The band sounds great, and I usually am super critical. Plus, I don't know how much longer I'll be doing this. I'm getting older and I need a viable career. I'm tired of working three jobs and am feeling a strong urge to make a contribution to society and do something meaningful with my life! While I do believe that music is an important contribution to society, and I see the smiles on people's faces when they come see blue number nine, I feel like I need to do something even MORE meaningful. I am not helping with social issues, and that's where my head is.... So please come see the band soon!



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