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Dear Surfer:

What a crazy month. June 1st - to North Carolina. We slept in a hotel, got up, checked out, and played in Charlotte, NC from 11-2. It was a great show on a huge stage: PHOTOS. Then, we drove 1 1/2 hours to Morganton, NC for another show from 7-10. It was sad, though, because our 2nd set got rained out. People had lawn chairs set up... they were so sweet. The rain upset me! We then got in the van and drove to Columbus, OH. I slept, but I heard we got there at 7:30am and then had a show in Columbus at 2pm! Then, we drove to Harrisburg, PA, just to sleep, because we had a show on the 4th in Medford, NJ! A complete accounting of the adventure is in our FORUM under TOUR DIARY. Dana Shellmire did these shows with us. She did an amazing job. We all did. This was the most CD's sold in one weekend in the history of blue number nine.

On June 9th, the band made its first trip to New England. That night, we played at Fody's Tavern in Nashua. Dana put the show together for us, and her group performed in between our two sets. By the end of the night, everyone went crazy! We did our nutty rendition of Sly & The Family Stone's "Thank You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin" and no one was in their seat No one wanted the night to end! I really want to play there again. Dana put us up at her place that night, then, we drove to MA and stayed with Morgan's friends Bekah & Chris. On the 10th, we had a show in Boston. Again, a complete accounting of this crazy weekend is in our FORUM under TOUR DIARY. We ended the weekend with what has now taken the slot of "Best most beautiful gig ever", at least for me. We played at the Decordova Art & Sculpture Park for their annual summer festival. You must take a look at the photos! PHOTOS. Camari & Morgan did these shows with us. Camari's been in town for a while now! But she leaves tomorrow and won't be back until July. BOO HOO! I don't like that.

On June 14th, we had a lunchtime show at 40th St. & Park Avenue. It was a lot of fun, but hot outside. We sold quite a few CD's. It was great to meet Camari's friend Sheila, and the always late Bob & Eddie (hee hee!) It was also great to see Doreen, and I should have called her up to sing, but didn't. "DUH" moment.

This show was fun, and it looked like rain, but we got lucky. Sold some CD's, and the guy in charge was SUPER SUPER NICE.

We had another lunchtime show on the 22nd in Morristown, NJ in the town's park. We really should have brought our own PA system because I think the vocals most likely sounded horrible through the city's system. Again, the people in charge are SUPER SUPER NICE (Marco is really finding the best people in the music business - go Marco!) However, they should really hire a sound company if they're going to have live bands. I was told they usually have classical and jazz music, so perhaps we were their first rock band... I don't know. The PA system crapped out on us during the first song. After a split second of panic, I turned to Luca and said, "Solo!" So he did, and I looked at the PA but couldn't figure out what the problem was. I made eye contact with someone in charge and she went to find the Parks Department guy, who basically just plugs the thing in. So while that happened, I turned to the guys and said, "Sissy Strut!" (an instrumental.) Once all that was sorted out, we did put on a great show. Again, it looked like rain that morning, but we got lucky. It was scorchingly hot and humid, but they had a tent for us, so that was good. Thanks again to Bob & Eddie and this time, major thanks for helping us lug our gear!

The following evening, we played at Cafe Arabica in the same town, Morristown, and people did come out to see us who had seen us the day before. I forgot to mention that we got some good press in Morris County's "Daily Record" - I have to thank the reporter (note to self!) See our PRESS page for that article.

We shared gear with the band after us. This time, we didn't bring drums (for a change) so that was a nice break for Jack. Our newest vocalist, Jill Shuler, came out to sell merchandise for us and to see us in action. Morgan and Evie were on vocals (the day before, too). At this point, the ideal performance for me is either an hour and a half or two sets. It's actually really hard now to just play one set of music! It's hard to choose which songs to do, and I really want to start playing some of our newer material. Nevertheless, it was a fun show - we had a great turnout.

Speaking of newer material, I wrote new lyrics this month to some music that Marco wrote last month. I was inspired to write these lyrics based on a blow up by a certain person which occurred via email. This person is a good person, but now, this person is out of my life due to something really stupid (at least it's stupid to me, but of course, if the person is reading this right now, he/she is putting his/her own inflection into the way I've written "stupid" and is probably going to blow up again.) Email is really not all it's cracked up to be.

Our last show of the month was on the 24th. We played a private party in Bridgewater. This was Jim Kost's first show with us (keyboards) and Chris Vaindirlis & Morgan were on vocals. This party was a blast - I mean, I could tell people REAALLLYY enjoyed themselves! They gave the party a "9" theme, which I thought was super cool, and the guy in charge talked us up to the guests for weeks in advance. But that is all I can say, because it was a private party!

I think we get along better as a band when we have lots of gigs! It would be nice to rehearse regularly again, but I don't really miss it all that much because while I may seem like a workaholic, in reality, I'm lazy and my ideal career would be DOING NOTHING for a living. No one ever believes me when I say that, but it is absolutely 100% true. But no rehearsals means no new songs, really, which means no new album. I could live with that, too. I am not in any hurry to put out another album.... although now that I've written new lyrics, I'm quite sure 2 more songs are on their way! It always happens in threes.

Next weekend, Pittsburgh. Marco brilliantly placed an ad for merch person and we've gotten great responses. So we wil have someone in Pittsburgh next weekend. Also, I'm looking forward to Camari's return! Finally, Morgan isn't doing the shows with us in Pittsburgh, yet her mother still offered that we could stay at her house. Isn't that sweet? Cindy is the coolest!



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