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Dear Surfer:

Thanks a million to those of you who came to our CD release party on June 6! It was a great success. We sold CD's, a good time was had by all, and the venue asked us back. For those of you who missed it, there are photos here.

We had a big band -- bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, percussion, back up singers and a three piece horn section. My friend Howard said we should use horns all the time. I really wish we could. Most venues aren't big enough to support such a large band, and of course, there's the issue of compensation. It was very cool to see some people I haven't seen in YEARS (Jennifer C. & Susan A. especially!) Susan used to sing backups in bn9 many moons ago. It was also great to have Squeezebox Ira sit in on "I'm Your Superflake". We rarely play that song. Anyway, it was a great time.

On the 8th, we played at Woodbury Commons, an outdoor outlet center in NY state. The weather was well over 90 degrees that day. It was an extremely difficult gig. We played from 1pm to 5pm with half hour breaks, but it was SO HOT. All of us drank tons of water. Because it was so hot, very few people actually stopped to listen to us, so that was kind of sad... we didn't sell any CD's, also sad, but we were told it was a very slow day... it must have been 95 or 96 degrees. Anyway, we did it. We had fun afterwards! Morgan and Paul hung out for a bit, then Morgan took off and Paul made margaritas and we got drunk.

Next up was a 5 day tour of the midwest. Please check out our TOUR DIARY in our forum for the details of those shows. It was a lot of fun. The highlight of the tour was Milwaukee. There are great photos of the tour here.

On the 27th, we went to Altoona. We're only booked once to play Altoona this year, which is a shame because we love it there. Igor is on tour with another band right now, so we had the amazing B.D. Lenz on guitar. We also had John Thompson on keyboards. He's a fantastic player from Bellefonte, PA, not too far from Altoona. We really sounded great, I think. We also had 2 local boys, Rich and Dan, sit in on a few tunes on alto and bari sax. It was fun, the weather held up, I'll have photos up shortly!!

Next up -- a small tour in July which entails a LOT of driving. I'm looking forward to the shows but not to the driving. It's really going to be brutal and I'm nervous about it because our timing is by the skin of our teeth, in other words, we may not make it on time to one of the shows, and we'll all be exhausted. We'll have horns on two of our dates in July. Should be fun! New territory -- going to Iowa for the first time.




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