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Dear Surfer:

Rain, rain, rain, rain, what a month! Felt like April in Seattle and not springtime in New York. Now that we got all the rain out of the way, hopefully, the summer will be beautiful!

Remember to check out our latest installment of our podcast, bn9 time! This month, we've got another behind the scenes rehearsal, some fans at our Wicked Willy's show chiming in and other stuff.

Our first show this month was scheduled for June 5th. We were supposed to play for the first time this year outside by the fountain in Journal Square, Jersey City. We all really enjoy this gig - it's challenging but fun! But the drag about this particular gig is that if it rains, there's no gig. And it rained, surprise, surprise. So the gig was cancelled. You may not know this, but Jack, our drummer, no longer lives in North Jersey (he used to live in Bayonne.) Earlier this year, he took a job working for a contractor based out of SOUTH Jersey, so he now lives about 2 hours from Jersey City. So by the time I called him to let him know the show was cancelled, he was already pulling up to the studio, and unfortunately, there's no compensation for rain, either, so we couldn't pay him for his time or gas. I felt really bad about that.

Our next show was at Wicked Willy's in the village in NYC. We had Paul and Dara Seitzman on backups with me, Marco, Jack and Minoru Kikuchi on guitar. This was a fun time - we played 2 sets of covers and originals. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, especially Mike for shooting pix and Bob for shooting video. See our PHOTOS page for coverage from the night. We will be back at Wicked Willy's for their happy hour (7-9) on July 24th and we're hoping to get further dates in August and September. They got a new sound system there, so singers could hear themselves and the band could hear the singers. Hooray!

Next up, we did get to play Journal Square on the 26th. It was supposed to rain but did not and we had a great time. The weather was actually really nice - well, except for the very beginning of our set, it did sprinkle, but we brought out own tent. The lineup was me, Marco, Jack, Minoru, Paul and Morgan, who I finally got to interview for our podcast. We had a fun barbeque afterwards and recorded all of our craziness and it's all on the podcast!

That's about it for June. Hope you stayed dry and let's hope July's weather is better. I'm taking a short vacation to Mexico in July and can't wait! Scuba diving in Cozumel, woo hoo!

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