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Dear Surfer:

Natalie here - back up singer #2. This is my first "Dear Surfer"... hope you like it.

June was a slow month for blue number nine - we only played one gig - but we're gearing up for a busy summer. We had lots of rehearsals, as always, particularly vocal rehearsals, to help get Doreen up to speed. Doreen is a very cool vocalist who is helping us out - filling in for me or Susan if needed, and adding even more depth to our harmonies during important gigs, like last night, for example...

Last night (June 25th), we played at the GM Plaza on 5th Avenue and 59th Street in Manhattan. It was our first NYC gig in a looooooong time. It felt good to be playing in the city again. We played outdoors, and all I'm going to say about the weather is....THE HEAT! We kept joking that "Human", which we played twice in four sets, should have been called "Humid". I'm sure the temperature kept many sane folks from wanting to sit outdoors and eat and listen to us, but we still had a good crowd. Thanks to all who attended - our "groupies" - Susan's Mom and Sister Sylvia, Jack's sister Jackie (the "shutterbug") and friends Stef's sister Sue and friend, Jo & Ed's friend Anna, Stef's and Susan's friends from work, and my boyfriend Jon, who thought "Tidal Beat" sounded particularly good! Sorry if I've missed anyone. We appreciate EVERYONE who made the effort to come down. Aside from that crowd, there were plenty of tourists in the restaurant and crowding the railing above and all around us. We are going to be on lots of foreign vacation videotapes. I wonder how "Jerkin' My Chains" will sound to the Japanese family back home...

Aside from that gig, not much more to report. I am fast approaching my 29th (yikes!) birthday next month and my one year anniversary with bn9 in late August/early September. Wow - time flies! It's been quite a ride, full of laughs and lots of great music. I moved to NYC two years ago from Connecticut and while I had performed casually with a cover/bar band and done lots of musical theater, I've never been involved in a project like this. It has opened up a wonderful creative outlet for me, and introduced me to some amazing people. For me, that's the best part - getting the most out of this life experience and having fun along the way.

Have a great summer, enjoy the sunshine, and be sure to come out to one of the July or August gigs! See ya!


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