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Dear Surfer:

I normally don't give in to guilt! But I feel terrible about this boat gig cancellation thing! Of course once we cancelled it, we got e-mails galore from people who had wanted to go but hadn't yet bought tickets. How's about we have some other sort of party? What do you think? Like something after the CD is ready to be released - some sort of thing that doesn't involve some big ole bully pressuring us into selling, selling, selling. On second thought, that description I just gave sort of describes the music business, doesn't it? Heh, heh, heh...just call me Ms. Blacklisted.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering. I'm supposed to be talking about what happened in June. But you know what? I made that rule. I'm the one who decided "Dear Surfer" was supposed to be a monthly report type thing. So I can break the rules then, can't I? I can blabber on and on. But then no one would read "Dear Surfer". Or they'd think I was nuts. So in that case, here goes the report:

First, we didn't make it into the studio, but we have a date set for July 2nd. We will finish this bad boy soon!!!

We played on Memorial Day at a street fair in Astoria. I think it was about 90 degrees that day and humid. We played at 1:30 in the afternoon. Fortunately, our stage was covered so we were in the shade, but I swore I'd die from asfyxiation because the air was so thick. It was an ozone advisory type of day, the kind of weather where the public is warned not to go jogging or play soccer or even go outside if you're elderly or real young. Those of you who have seen bn9 live know that when we perform, it's as if we're jogging or playing soccer. We all get pretty hyped up....well, especially me. The music makes me move, I can't help it. I truly almost passed out. To those of you who were there - could you tell? Thanks for hanging out. You guys did NOT have shade! I was truly impressed by YOUR stamina and wonderful support!

And finally, the month of June was a month of 2 new songs! Kim and I wrote one, and - check this out!! Minoru brought something to the band and we co-wrote the finished product.

More on Astoria - we played there again on the 27th of June. Now THIS was a fun one. We had a little bit of a struggle getting there because it was booked last minute and people in the band had other plans, but gig we must, so we did, and what a grand ole time was had by all. It was another ozone advisory type of day. We played at 4:00 and it hadn't cooled off at all. Early summer. Ick. Thanks to everyone who came and stayed! We debuted two songs...and I totally forgot the lyrics to one of them. I honestly think the heat got to my brain.

Finally, we're back at Desmonds! Catch us there on July 9th. And for any of you N'Sync fans, if you happen to be catching them at Jones Beach in July, stop by First Stage and see us! We'll have some guest vocalists at both our appearances on July 15th and 16th. (Good thing we cancelled the boat after all!)



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