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Dear Surfer:

Greetings. Hope your summer is going well.

July wasn't too busy, but we're really gearing up for August and September. As you will notice on our schedule, we have a few gigs! Be sure to mark your calendars for SEPTEMBER 7TH when we'll be having our CD release party. We'll be giving stuff away and also will be appearing with the Random Horns (Ada Rovatti on tenor sax, Rob Sussman on trombone and Jason Berg on trumpet.) We're trying to get them to come out to O'Donnell's on August 18th also, so do come out to that show and hear bn9 the way we're supposed to sound!

In July, we played at Jones Beach on the Levi's First Stage. It was a nice day and there were plenty of people there. We sold quite a few CDs and the venue seemed to like us, so hopefully they'll ask us back. Thanks, as always, to Beth Davis Entertainment for hooking us up with this date. A new fan from this show emailed us asking "When are you going to play supper clubs on Long Island?" We're working on it and suggestions for venues are appreciated!!

On the 15th, we returned to Desmond's again. It was a rainy night and I want to thank Diane and Mandi's friends for coming out. X-it opened for us. They rocked, as always. On the 21st, we played our regular O'Donnell's gig. Nice crowd! It was a blast. And on the 23rd, the Astoria Street Festival. Thanks to Susan Ullyette for the support and again, thanks Beth! This year, the festival was PACKED! At one point, I looked down the street and couldn't believe the crowd. I also was completely inspired by this elderly woman who got up and started dancing. She and her partner were the only ones dancing, and it was nice to see! I gave her a free CD.

Finally, Marco and I took a trip to Boston and met with Philip Pemberton, whose band is playing with us at O'Donnell's on the 18th of August. We met him at an open mic and the man can sing! Nice guy who plans to hook us up with a venue in Boston. We also met with a band called Hyptonic. We swapped CDs with them. Awesome acid jazz with fabulous female vocals. Their websites, respectively, are and Check 'em out!

That's about it. Except for this: I'm also now playing with a band called ALIERON and we'll be appearing at the Elbow Room on August 1st. It's a great band with killer vocals and slick, psychedelic funk/rock tunes. Marco is in the band, too. Check them out! This band is definitely going places and packs the house.



p.s. write me back, bring it ON baby! ----->

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