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Dear Surfer:

Hey, y'all! Are we all having fun with last month's suggestion on how to deal with junk mail? No clue what I'm talking about? See last month's Dear Surfer. So far, I've sent a nail salon coupon to American Express, Chase Manhattan bank got a Chinese Food menu and Spiegal got an empty envelope. Chase should appreciate it - it's the best Chinese food in the neighborhood!

This month, I've been thinking of viruses and worms. Not only did I inadvertantly send one out, but I've been receiving emails from everyone I know, and people I've since gotten to know, with whacko attachments like "," with poorly written messages like, "I would like advice your. Please open and let me know." or whatever. And it makes me wonder who in their right mind sits around and makes these viruses and why? Is it to email bomb Corporate America's networks? If so, guess what? It's not working, because guess who wins? The virus software companies.... pretty corporate. And so these people making these worms and viruses are virtually (no pun intended) working for FREE for Semantec and the like. When I got my first virus, what do you think I did? Immediately updated (paid for) my antivirus software....Or maybe the people creating them already DO work for antivirus software companies. In which case, they still aren't in their right minds. Because most of these virus software programs DON'T WORK ANYWAY. Anyway, I'll promise not to open your attachments if you promise not to open mine. Of course, all MAC people are out there snickering at all of this nonsense. Macs don't have such problems. At least not yet.

Ok, July....started out with an appearance at the Levi's First Stage at Jones Beach prior to the Chicago concert. The agony leading up to this show was close to unbearable (ok, well, maybe I'm just being dramatic....) It was just a LOT to coordinate. We took Camari, Sheila and Kristy, Joel and a 3 piece horn section. We had a roadie (THANKS GREG!) and a merchandise salesperson (THANKS MAX!) We also brought Aaron and Tara. Aaron wanted to videotape us, which would have been very cool, but apparently is WASn't cool with the venue. Anway, combined with the 5 of us, you do the math. Lots of cars, lots of panic, everyone was on time, we had a blast, it was all worth the ulcers. (ok, i didn't REALLY get an ulcer. I'm just being a drama queen... so sorry.) What else is there to say?! Thanks go out from all of us to Beth Davis Entertainment once again for hooking us up with this fun gig which got us tons of exposure, and also for feeding us. It was a beautiful day and there were more people watching us than last year, including some people who saw us there last year.

On the 19th, we played at this place called Tobacco Road for the first time. We brought the horns to this one. Very cool place in Hell's Kitchen with a real stage and lights and stuff. Thanks to Mark After Dark and to Beth Davis for hooking us up with him for this gig. Can't WAIT to play there again. There was a company called Magic Hat doing a promotion for their #9 beer.... kind of ironic. And this girl Alison came up to me after the show to introduce herself, said she listens to our CD all the time, said she just quit her 9-5 job and loves what I have to say about it ("cog in a wheel"), said I inspired her. I almost cried. Because I was genuinely touched and moved by her and not because I am a cornball and a sap! Anyway, people, you really must come to this venue. It kicks some serious ass. Bernie Worrell played there the following week! Thanks to everyone who DID make it, Sheila's pals and all the people from NJ... funny, we had more fans present from NJ than from NYC. Just goes to prove that people from Jersey are superior. That's just the way things are.

On the 27th, we played Borders Bridgewater. We were short a keyboard player, but it was just fine. We may not be doing many more Borders gigs until we release a second CD. I'm not going to project when that will be - a lot of people have been asking, including this night at Borders. We had a great time there! But anyway, we will, however, have a live CD entitled "Saving Spot" very soon. Supplies of it will be very limited, so you may want to place an advance order which you can do by following the instructions on our MERCHANDISE page which will be up later this month. I know I announced this CD a while ago, but funds have been tight. I just found out I'm getting 600 bucks back from the IRS due to some new tax thing that Bush put into place, so now I have the cash to print the CDs. If Bush thinks I'm on his team now for a mere 600 bucks, though, he is quite wrong about that! (Apologies for repeating myself - I told you all this already at our show at Tobacco Road!)

Anyway, that's about it for July. August is going to be a little slow because everyone is going away! Be sure to go to our schedule page and suffer through the annoying pop up window and read what it says. Kristy's doing a cabaret show and a blue number nine song is gonna be in it. I'm definitely going... you should too!


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