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June 27th we played at Show World in NYC. It was once a nudie bar but Rudy got rid of the nudies and now it's a live music venue run by the people who used to run Love Sexy in Hoboken (where bn9 played our 2nd gig ever back in '96). It was odd playing on a stage where topless women once entertained, but it was fun. There are pictures of this show on our FANS page. 'Nuff said about that because there's not much to say... except it was SO GREAT to see Greg! And Carl! And Jenny & Rob blew us away once again on the horns. The sound system wasn't so great and the acoustics were not really right for live music, but that's enough, we had a good time and made some new fans..

On July 1st, we did another BAI outdoor lunch concert. There are photos of that gig on our FANS page, too. It was pretty hot outside, but we did a good job. There were quite a few people in attendance.

After the show, a young woman named Ashley, who had been sitting there taking notes, approached us. She said she worked for a talent agency and asked if we could come to the agency later that day. Normally, I wouldn't jump at a chance the same day... I would normally like to research the company first. But she said they were called WILHELMINA SCOUTING NETWORK, and were indeed affiliated with Wilhelmina models. I used to model and know that it's a prestigious agency. Well... it turns out it USED to be.

SCAM ALERT - WATCH OUT FOR THESE PEOPLE! They've had 8 names in 3 years and it turns out they're just one big fraud! I thought we should go that day because Sheila lives in Buffalo and it's difficult for the entire band to plan things. We all figured we had nothing to lose. So we all went to the agency only to be given a hard sell, similar to a time share hard sell, to buy space on their website. It was disgusting. Apparently, these people drag anyone off the street and try to get them to sign up for this nonsense. I found a great website that gives all the gorey details of these criminals - check it out!!

I felt so defrauded and embarassed that we wasted our time with these idiots. BUT I wrote some good lyrics to a kickass song that Marco came up with and we will be performing it soon. Also, I actually went to their office 2 days later and handed out printouts from that website to unsuspecting wannabes. I don't like being messed with! Especially when it deals with my dreams and aspirations. Here's the chorus of the new song:

You prey on hopes and you feed on dreams
You're worse than realiTV
You sneak into a spot that's weak
Because you're nasty, you're just nasty
You rob blind and you mess with minds
You've inspired my vengeful side
Some day you'll pay for your ways
Because you're nasty, you're just nasty

So we'll be playing it at our next gig in NYC (which isn't until September, sorry to say.)

Here's the outcome of the photo shoot we did last month. I mentioned it last month's Dear Surfer. I had to do some major work in PhotoShop to get it to look like this, but I'll never tell exactly what I did! Came out pretty good, considering we had a gig a few hours before and it was HOT outside!


Well, the bottom line is that we only had one gig in July, so I could ramble on and on, but I'd rather not. Oh yea - Marco and I also wrote another new song this month which we'll also be performing soon. He cranked out the music for the entire thing in about 2 hours and I came up with the lyrics in about 20 minutes... felt great. Haven't knocked out a song that fast in a long time.

Oh yea - our song "Who Are The Free" was #25 out of 2,000 songs on this month and "on a shoestring" was the #25 album out of 40. That's pretty cool.

peace & love,


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