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Dear Surfer:

This month was busy and crazy for me and for bn9. We had our first show on the 10th in Westwood, NJ, outside in Veteran's Park under the gazebo. The weather was perfect -- we couldn't have asked for a better night! The setup was a little odd because the gazebo had rails that blocked our bodies from the waist down, so all anyone saw was our upper bodies, but we still put on a great show and I heard people enjoyed it. Nice to see Dayna & Jeff and Marco's students. Thanks, guys, for coming! The lineup for this show was Miho on keys, BD Lenz on guitar, Jack, Marco, me, Paul & Dara on backup vocals.

The next activity for blue number nine was another 5 day tour of the midweste. We went to Iowa, Michigan, 2 spots in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Please check out my tour diary in our forum for the details on that tour (it was really HARD!!) But fun....

Our final show of the month was on the 30th in Journal Square in Jersey City. We sold a FEW CD's and had a good time, though it was VERY HOT outside and the fountain wasn't working in the Square so it wasn't as nice as usual. Someone told us it is broken. Nice to see Bob - haven't seen him in ages!! We had Paul and Dara on back up vocals for this one.

This was a crazy month for me personally. The day after bn9 went on tour, I had a buzzuniverse gig and then a 3 day tour with them that weekend. II played 7/5, 7/10, 7/11, 7/17-7/21, 7/22, 7/24-7/26 and 7/30! I think that's the most gigs I've ever done in one month. I'm not sure if I like it or not!



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