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This was a slow month, gig-wise, probably the band's slowest July ever. Got to go on a short 5 day vacation to Cozumel, which was loads of fun. July 4th - nothing special. But even though bn9 only had one show, it's been a crazy stressful month for me. I've been busy rehearsing for a musical called "MoM - A Rock Concert Musical". The show will be part of the Fringe Festival at the end of August. It's been taking up every waking hour of my life when I'm not doing bn9 or working my 9-5 job.

So we played at Wicked Willy's on the 24th during happy hour - special thanks to Howard and Chris V for coming out to see us and also to Sheri for manning the H2! Wicked Willy's, as always, was noisy and crazy... people get pretty drunk at this place, but it's loads of fun! Not as crowded as the last time we played there, in fact, it was kind of slow, but that's summertime in the city. People go out of town. We played 2 great sets. I was happy with the way the band performed. Paul debuted his new solo (he's singing "Moondance" now.) He did great! It was me, Marco, Jack, Minoru, Morgan and Paul on the gig.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. It's going by so quickly. In August, we have 4 shows -- please check our schedule page for more info.

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Finally, if you are in NYC or close to NYC, I do hope you'll come see me in "MoM - A Rock Concert Musical". I play the character of Nell, a suburban mom from Nevada who goes a little crazy after joining the band "MoM"... here is the flyer for the show:



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