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Dear Surfer:

Stefanie here, again. Next month, I'm going to get one of the guys (hopefully Everett) to write to you, but this month, they've been really busy! I can type this stuff up in seconds flat so it's no biggie, and memorizing lyrics is easier than memorizing chord changes. In other words, I have more time than they do to do things like write letters. But even my time isn't much time! The band has been working a lot and learning a ton of new tunes in July.

As far as gigs go, we kicked off the month with a successful party of a show at Crystal Bay in Peekskill on July 3rd. If you live anywhere near Peekskill or have a car and live within a tolerable driving distance, I suggest you check this place out. It is beautiful. This bar/restaraunt sits on a marina overlooking a pristine, boat-filled bay. The sunset over the water behind the trees is simply stunning. The food is excellent, and so is the entertainment (especially the entertainment that will be there August 21st!) The band plays outside on the terrace and it's really a good time. My sister was visiting the East Coast from Vegas. She and her boyfriend came with us and danced thier booties off. In fact, most people there that night were dancing. This, of course, only spurred the band on!

This particular gig reminded me of why I play music in the first place. It's not for the money ('cause there ain't much of that!!) It's not to see how many people we can get to come see us (though your support is greatly needed!) It's for those moments when the audience is truly enjoying themselves and not judging the band, feeling the music and letting themselves go, and the band is cooking and the music is flowing and the groove is happening and there's an exchange going on...a communication between audience and band. A communication that is music. These gigs, unfortunately, do not happen all the time. All so often, we find ourselves bogged down by technical difficulties, hecklers, bad sound, nasty club owners, cruel sound people... I could go on and on. So we live for the nights when the magic occurs. July 3rd was one of those nights.

Ok...enough already. So...our next gig was July 7th at CBGB's. Thanks to Pete H. for hooking us up with this gig. Also, thanks to all of Natalie's friends who came out to support, to Bill Popp whom I did not expect to see, and to Mickey from Brooklyn Telephone Theater whom I met on the indibiz musiclist. If you have time, check out what Mickey does. It's some hilarious stuff!

Next was July 10th at Trotter's Tavern in White Plains. A good gig. I'd never been to White Plains and it's a pretty neat place. The audience was dancing, but next time, I will try to encourage them to come a little closer. They were waaaaaayyyy in the back, like they thought we'd bite. Kim bites sometimes, but not audience members! Oh time! And there will be a next time - August 14th.

Then, July 15th at the Bitter End in NYC (I told you we've been busy!) We really promoted this gig to death. Thanks to everyone who came out! I developed severe Straw Syndrome ("stress of the draw" syndrome) over this gig, but I'm feeling better now. Playing in NYC is always a rare and stimulating treat. And, of course, the Bitter End is an NYC classic. We'll be back at the Bitter End Saturday, August 8th at 8:30 so please come out if you're free.

We played Crystal Bay again on July 24th and then July 31st at Club NCI on Long Island. This was the first time the members of bn9 played together as bn9 on Long Island. Club NCI is a cool place, but we don't know many people out there so we didn't have a huge draw. But we appreciate those of you who did come out.

Finally, after starting off the month on a real high, it sort of ended on a low. Our booking manager decided to move on. So it's back to booking on our own now. This is personally my least favorite thing, but it has to be done!

Well, that's about it. We've been having a crazy summer. We plan to slow down come fall. Our goal is to once and for all release a CD by the end of 1998 so we need to focus on that now. So catch bn9 live while you can! Thanks...


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