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Dear Surfer:

Hello! Now July was interesting. I know it's far from over, but I'm going on vacation TOMORROW and won't be back until August so I'm cranking this bad boy out real quick before I go.

July 9th, we played at Desmond's. Good ole Desmond's. I think my favorite thing about Desmond's is the smell. It reminds me of when I was a teenager, specifically the day after the keg party when it's time to take the 3 empty kegs back to the liquor store as they sit in the bathtub smelling so funky you can't believe you drank out of them, until your booming head and bubbling stomach remind you. Ah - Desmond's! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came out to that show! We had a few new faces in the audience and you all seemed to dig our groove. Did I just say "dig our groove"? Sorry about that.

Anyway, we did a few new tunes and I don't know if you all were just being nice or what..... I neglected to mention something about our new song "Stay Where You Are" that night. That song came about one day when I was feeling particularly blocked and unable to write a thing, something that will soon come to an end, I hope, after my vacation which I'm going on TOMORROW!!! I have this book of songwriting ideas and one of the ideas was "Write a song with all one syllable words". So I did. Pay attention to those lyrics next time. Sort of a Dr. Suess vibe going on.

Special thanks to my co-workers for coming to Desmond's. Though you didn't get to hear us...'cause every last one of you had left 20 minutes before we started playing (ahem)....I did make it known to the owners that you were there thanks to my recommendation...gotta work those Brownie points. (my, my, such a jaded temperment....good thing I'm going on VACATION tomorrow.)

And that's it for June. We were supposed to play two dates at Jones Beach on Thursday & Friday the 15th & 16th but got a call on Monday the 12th that we were cancelled due to some corporate bullshit reason. Gotta love the music business! Goodness knows, I do! It's like an abusive spouse. I'm considering joining a 12 step program for musicaholics, or starting one if there is no such thing.

See you later! I'm OUTTA HERE!


p.s. write me back, bring it ON baby! ----->

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