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Dear Surfer:

Marco here. What a rainy summer this has been! But things are looking hotter than ever for bnn. It has been a year now since I have joined the band and I am so glad to be here to tell you how exciting and promising things are getting for us. We were spared the rain at the Myrtle Street Festival in Queens on August 13. It was a very gratifying day; people were dancing, including a few police officers, and at the end of the show Stefanie, Diane, and Mandi were signing autographs to the numerous children that had gathered by the stage during the performance.

On the 18th we were delighted to see so many fans at O'Donnell's. It was definitely the place to be as the Phil Pemberton Band "brought down the roof" with their infectious funky grooves. In case you missed the party, make sure to come next time, as we will certainly have these guys come down again. The Random Horns performed beautifully even when a brand new, never seen before, arrangement was thrown at them without warning!

Now we are beginning preparations for our much awaited CD Release Party which, if you donıt already know, will take place at the Elbow Room in NYC on September 7. Stefanie is coming up with so many surprises that I can hardly keep up with them; and thatıs only the beginning! We will be performing all over the place during the next month: from Long Island to Newark to Princeton, NJ just to name a few places. As I was saying earlier in this Dear Surfer, things are getting very hot for blue number nine even in this strangely mild summer.



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