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Dear Surfer:

August was a GREAT month. We started off with a 7 hour drive to upstate NY to play 3 shows. Sheila worked her ass off to get us these gigs and the whole thing was so much fun, I really want to be just doing music with my life.... Ah well. Our first night was at a venue in Bemus Point, NY (close to Jamestown) called Surf Club located on a lake - beautiful. But HOT. No air conditioning and a very very humid night! We had a blast nonetheless. The first two sets we had a decent crowd. Then, just when we were all running out of steam, a new crowd turned up for the 3rd set, so we had to pull the energy out of our lives, which we did, and they liked it! The next night, we played at a place called Jacobi's which was a disco, really. The sound system was a little odd, but we had a good time anyway. People at this place were partying majorly hearty! It was fun. The final night, Molly MacGGuire's, was the best night! Sheila's family and friends were so supportive. I can't even go into detail because I will cry, that's how much I loved this trip. Great crowds, every venue paid us, one fed us, Sheila's family and friends fed us the rest of the time.... Thanks so much to every Connors and to Chuck Basil for playing keyboards with us. Thanks to all the new fans we made who kept us up all night buying us drinks, and thanks to the 3 venues that took a chance on an out of town band!

Then, we came home. We went back to work. And I find myself pretty angry all time. My wrists and thumbs and shoulder are hurting. I think it's the anger. I am feeling not only like a Cog in a Wheel, but the scary part is I'm starting to accept it. You know, we've been doing this band since Nov. '95 and I'm working harder on everything but music nowadays. I recently went to a famous artist's message board. There is a disclaimer that the artist is too busy to answer every post. If I ever get to that level of fame, I will NOT be too busy to answer emails and posts! I believe I'm busier now than I could ever be! I have two jobs AND the band.... these artists don't have day jobs. How could they be THAT busy? HELLO? LAPTOP?? WIRELESS MODEM??? Maybe I'm just a big ole geek, I don't know, but if I were on tour, I'd bring a laptop! I would be THRILLED to not have to do some stupid task I don't care about and instead write to fans during my down time....

Our next gig in August was at O'Donnell's. Joel did the gig with us and solo'd on a couple of tunes. It was different with only one back up FEMALE singer and Joel, but it was cool. Different is good sometimes!

Finally, we began pre-production on our new CD right in our very own Concussion Studios. I'll be putting up an MP3 clip or two of some of this stuff soon. It may turn into a CD, actually. We don't need no stinkin' PRO TOOLS. Between me engineering and mixing on my PC and Marco mastering on his MAC, we MAY actually have something decent. I say we "MAY"... we may not.

Please check out our schedule for September and come see us!!


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