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Dear Surfer:

I went to see the Police at Giants Stadium! I know that has nothing to do with bn9's month, but it was a good time. I went with Marco, Morgan and her man Nick and we did a tailgate party in the parking lot. Nick's dad showed up, too. We had a great time and the concert was good, but nothing like the last time I saw them -- back in the 80s when I was a teenage groupie. They had a lot more energy back then. I guess getting older takes it's toll. Actually, I know this for a fact because I'm feeling it myself! I still have lots of energy, but not like I had when the band first started.

We had a show on the 4th at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia playing a private party. We had a big lineup -- me, Marco, Jack and Morgan and Dara on vocals with BD Lenz on guitar, Jim Kost on keys and 2 Phili horn players -- Larry Toft and Peter Cobb on trombone and alto sax. Well, we had as fun a time as we could, but the acoustics in there were pretty awful. Loud, boomy, echoing all over the place... there was nothing we could do about it but make the best of it. At the end of the night, one of the bartenders gave us all free beers. That was nice of him. The catering they had for us in our green room was great, too. It's the little things that make a gig! Most of the attendees were tired. Someone in the audience apologized to us saying, "We're old and have been on our feet all day, sorry!" I thought that was pretty funny.

On the way to and from the show, our battery gauge was out of whack. We stopped at 2 service stations and both told us not to worry about it. The gauge was reading high and my good friend Dave (who should have his own car talk program) told me that it could be the alternator regulator, whatever that means. Neither service station said they could fix it for us, so we took our chances and went to and from Phili with no problem, but the next time Marco tried to start the van (on Monday... 2 days later), it wouldn't start. He had to jump start it and take it into the shop. We were freakin' LUCKY that we didn't get stranded in Phili!

On august 9th, we played the Ace of Clubs in NYC. Considering we hadn't played NYC since January, I was a little shocked by the turnout. Thanks to those of you who did make it out, we really appreciate it! The place has a GREAT sound system. Jack recorded our show onto minidisk and it came out fantastic... best live recording in a while. This was Igor's first gig with us and while I couldn't hear him at all on stage (because I use in ear monitors... I mostly just hear myself), he did a fabulous job... I listened to the recording! It was really cool to see Alonzo that night... haven't seen him for years. Between him and Nick, we'll have some pictures up soon. Buzzuniverse played before us, which means I played before us because I play in Buzzuniverse. Whoo... it was a double header for me and tiring, but I still had a great time... until... well, until we were on our way home and realized we left a box of CD's, our CD holders and a container with stickers, CASH, our credit card swiper, baseball caps, tablecloth, flyers... well, a container with lots of important stuff in it. We left it at the
club. We swung back but the doors were locked.

This really pissed me off!!

But whatever -- it was beyond my control. We got the stuff back after we returned from our trip to North Carolina. Actually, a friend of ours picked it up for us (thanks Steve!) and then Marco picked it up from him.

We were supposed to have a show in Virginia on the 10th, but the week of the show, the promoter cut our set from an hour to half an hour. We were to be the first band out of 4 and we were to split the door with the other bands. Well, originally, there were only supposed to be 2 bands... us and a local act. But this dude booked us and another band from NYC! Then, weeks later, he added another band to the bill, and then, at the last minute, still another. Marco, who does our bookings, got a bad feeling about the whole thing, so he cancelled the show. It's too bad because we ended up driving all the way down to North Carolina Friday night (the VA show was on the way) for just one gig. I can't stand that type of situation. It just makes no sense.

So on the 10th, as I said, we left at around 6pm and drove to NC... we stayed in a town called Edenton in a Super 8 motel. We didn't arrive until around 3am. The lady who checked us in was very slow and she talked even slower. The next day, we set out to find a place to eat and happened upon Nixon's Family Restaurant. Had we arrived any later, we would have gotten super slow service because 3 or 4 church buses pulled up, one all the way from Norfolk VA (pronounced down there "nah-fuk"). The food was amazing!! That night, we were playing 3 hours away in Morehead City, NC. The drive there was uneventful, except for the black clouds in the sky freaking us out. When we arrived at Jaycee Park, our outdoor venue, it was raining. Spirits were low in the band... we all thought we drove 10 hours to not even play. However, the rain blew over and we played an entire hour and a half set to a great crowd who seemed really into it. They bought CD's and were super super nice. Everyone talked slowly except for a couple we met from NJ who were docked out in the harbor on their boat. This town is right on the water. In fact, Marco and I are planning to go back, hopefully, in September to go scuba diving. We visited the dive shop before our show and supposedly there is great scuba diving there, so we're going to check it out!

We had BD Lenz, Morgan and Paul on the gig with us. It was loads of fun, except that we had to drive home that night because BD had a show the next day at 11:30 in Newark, NJ (Marco had a gig, too, but not until 7 at night.) We did it. It knocked me out for 2 days, but once again, we accomplished the craziness.

On the 17th, Igor did his first road trip with us to Altoona. Viola and Morgan were the singers on the gig. This was our final Altoona appearance for the year. The drive was pretty easy except for the pouring rain at one point which freaked Morgan out a little (Marco was driving and Morgan kept saying, "nice job".) We feared it would be raining in Altoona, too, but nope... a beautiful evening. It was a little windy. We had a young player by the name of Richie join us on bari sax and his music was getting knocked around and at one point, Igor's music fell off the stand and all the sheets came out of the book and the song order got all screwed up, so I had to call the set and we took a little break.

People really went nuts towards the end of the night shaking their booties to the music. It was a lot of fun. As always, I personally love going to Altoona. I hope everyone else in the band had fun, too.

The rest of our year is incredibly slow. This entire year was slow actually. It's time to record a CD. I'm excited about it! We're also going to have new band shots taken very soon. That's all for this month.



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