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Dear Surfer:

Please go to our forum and check out our tour diary for our 3rd and final summer tour which happened this month. These were Nadina's first gigs with us. I really need a good picture of her for this website. There are some live shots of her in our PHOTOS area from this tour. We went to WV, IN, IL and the highlight of the trip was Columbus, Ohio where we played the Ohio State Fair for the second time. I'm told the fair generally doesn't book the same act twice, so we were lucky they had us back. It was a lot of fun.

Our next show wasn't until the 22nd. We returned to Journal Square again. We had beautiful weather and a nice crowd that was really into the music. People were dancing and cheering. My aunt Pookie and her husband Bob came to the show which was nice. They haven't been to one of our shows in a long time.

Next up was Frenctown Riverfest and Labor United Celebration on the 30th & 31st. We played in Frenchtown from 12-5pm with some breaks, but it was hot and the gig was pretty exhausting! I think we did a good job. The lineup was me, Marco, Jack, Nadina, Paul and B.D. Lenz on guitar (Igor is in Spain right now.) After the show, we went and had dinner at a local Mexican restaraunt. It was delicious, but expensive. Marco, however, was not with us. He had another show that night with another band at the Jersey Shore, so he hopped in the car and drove to it and met us in Apollo, PA, the location of our Sunday gig, at 4:30 in the morning. In other words, he drove directly to Apollo (about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh) from his gig. I was worried about it!

We got to Apollo around 1 in the morning, basically crashed and headed to the gig the next morning where we played from 11:30 until 12:15 and then 12:45 to 1:45. This was a very fun gig. The weather was absolutely perfect and the festival itself was well attended, but I wish we had had a later time slot.

All in all, it was a good month but I am so sad touring season is over! Our next show is September 24th back in Journal Square, then we don't have anything until November when we return to the R Bar in NYC. Not enough gigs for me!



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