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Dear Surfer:

This month was the opposite of last month. It was a CRAZY month for me. bn9 had 3 shows and I had 5 performances of "MoM - A Rock Concert Musical", so 8 gigs altogether. That's a lot when they aren't back to back.

bn9's first show was Thursday, the 6th, in Metuchen, NJ, at an outdoor venue. Paul got into a bike accident late last month and injured himself. He had to have surgery on his nose. So we had Chris Vaindirlis sub for him kind of last minute. Nadina and Morgan were both away so we had Dara Seitzman subbing, too! Two subs, but man, it was AWESOME. Both these ladies can sing their butts off (not that our other singers can't, on the contrary) and it was the first time they sang together so it was fun for me. The audience liked it too. All in all, a successful concert, and the weather was perfect - no rain! Also, MEtv, Metuchen's local TV station, was there shotting the entire show with 4 cameras and sound directly off the board. I saw some of the footage and it looks and sounds great! Unfortunately, we won't get a copy until next year, I was told, which is a bummer, but at least we'll have some new video for you all to see. Thanks to those of you who came out to see us!

Next up was Journal Square in Jersey City on the 19th at 11:30am to 1:30pm. It was H-O-T!! It was me, Marco, Jack, Minoru, Morgan and Paul and we really worked up a sweat! Afterwards, we all hung out for a bit at Concussion Studios and drank beer and ate pizza and I made a nice refreshing salad. It was fun. The gig was fun, too, even though it really was much too hot to be out there dancing and singing.

On the 21st, we were supposed to close the Altoona Summer Concert Series. We had Rich Ebersole on sax and Kevin McManus on trombone lined up to join us - our first concert with Random Horns in a long time. But at around 9:40 am the day of the show, the folks in charge called and told us it was pouring rain in Altoona and the forecast said it wasn't going to stop, so they cancelled the concert. Jack was already at Concussion Studios to meet us to leave, Minoru was in transit and Paul came over anyway since he had planned to spend the day on the road. I headed Morgan off before she was on her way over. We were all pretty miserable that the show was cancelled, and ALTOONA PEOPLE - WE ARE SO SORRY!! We really were looking forward to returning to our favorite town to perform in. It was a sad day.

On the 28th, we returned to Wicked Willy's for what I think was our first 3 set show in NYC ever. Thanks to our new fans and to those of you who bought our CD's that night. It was a CRAZY time at Wicked Willy's that night and we look forward to returning.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier, I had 5 shows of "MoM - A Rock Concert Musical". In the musical, I play a woman named Nell who is from somewhere in the south, and that's about all I can say about it. The show was picked up for 3 more shows in a theater up in Oneonta, NY, so we're taking a little road trip next month. We also got picked up for more dates in NYC. See flyer below and come on out and see it if you're able. It's a really fun show.

Our podcast is on hiatus this month. BOO HOO!

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