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Dear Surfer:

Hey, surfer, what's up...

Here's some amazing news...we FINISHED recording the basic tracks for our CD and some of the back up vocals this month. We're excited! And we will keep you posted on the release date. I don't even want to guess, so I won't. This year. It will be finished this year.

On a sad note, Everett, our bass player for what seems like forever, has left the band. We are auditioning and he's sticking with us until we've found the right person. We will truly miss him.

As for gigs this month, we had 1. We played at the 1999 Intermixx Alliance Festival at the ReBar in NYC. Nice club! For this gig, we had a fill-in bassist, John, who learned the stuff really fast and very well. The audience was very supportive and that felt good. Apologies to any of you who got lost...I put 15th St. on our flyers. I thought it was on 15th Street! I used the "address locator" in the NY yellow pages and it came out to be 15th street. Anyway, if you missed it, check the Intermixx website for more info and for photos. I usually take photos at Intermixx events, but that day, I had to do the rock star thing. Thanks for everyone who came out and for those of you who signed our mailing list. Local music needs your support.

Finally, bn9 has acquired a monthly rehearsal space in Union City New Joisey. It's great to not have a time limit. It's nice to be able to hear myself sing.

That's it for August, believe it or not.

Peace and love,


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