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Dear Surfer:

Hello! Stefanie here. Lots to talk about as far as September is concerned, so I won't waste time with b.s.

The first gig of the month was our CD release party held at the Elbow Room in NYC. This was one of the most fun shows of my bn9 life. The club was packed... I've never seen so many people in that room before. We gave out goodie bags and free t-shirts and other stuff, had the Random Horns with us and Joel Hirsch on percussion and put on a great show! There are RealAudio files from that show on our music page and also MP3's at, one of the sponsors of our CD release. A great time!

The next weekend, we travelled to Long Island and played Borders Bookstores in Syosset and then Stonybrook. The Syosset show was particularly fun! We had a new singer, Sheila Connors, appear with us and she did a great job. That night, the band crashed at Susan Augustus' place in Elmont. Susan used to sing with bn9 and kindly offered us her home. It was really fun even though I kind of messed up my neck a little on the bed! Oh well.

The following weekend, we played O'Donnell's Pub in Harrison. If you missed us that night, then you missed Garth's rendition of BUST A MOVE. Garth plays keys with us sometimes and originally informed me that he does not like to sing. But during our slumber party at Susan's, it leaked out that he, a child of the 80s, can do BUST A MOVE, so we held him to it. Let's just say the crowd at O'D's was entertained! We also had Doreen Younglove with us that night. We hadn't rehearsed with D for a while, but as always, she put on a great performance.

The next night, we played Borders Books in Princeton. Again, a fun time. What a nice area. Can't wait to play in Princeton more often. Afterwards, we stopped by the Urban Word Cafe in Trenton to visit Cary, who is a partner in the Frontier Management Group, a management company that has taken an interest in us. Then, we went and caught our very own Diane Chiorello singing lead with her other band, Cover Up. She sings with them just about monthly, and I recommend checking her out if you can. She's quite amazing!

Finally, on the 28th, we did a lunchtime gig at Rutgers Newark. We got this gig through the recommendation of a fan of ours who sees us perform at O'Donnell's. Doreen Younglove performed with us, as well as another new singer, Kristy Cates. Both did a superb job! We enjoyed ourselves and the students seemed to enjoy us as well. Hopefully, we'll play there again.

This insane pace continues in October, starting with Borders Books in Bridgewater, NJ. Last time we played there was about 2 years ago, so it should be interesting to see if any of the old fans from that area come out. We won't be back in NYC until November when we'll be returning to Desmond's. Then, things are going to slow down a little this winter. I really hate playing in the winter because I hate the cold! But if we can book some decent rooms, what the hell... we'll just keep plodding away. We'll see.

Thanks for reading this!



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