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Dear Surfer:

No ranting this month. Not after the way the month began. Jersey City is right across the river from NYC. I could see the World Trade Center smoke down the street from my house. Went out and took some pictures. And cried. It was so unbelievable. So I almost don't even want to write a "Dear Surfer" this month, let alone rant.... my life seems so small and insignificant compared to this tragedy.

I do want to point out that as you may have noticed, I've been very OPINIONATED in these "Dear Surfers" recently. I must tell you that my opinions, religious, political, and otherwise, including the "circle of violence" which I added on the home page of this site - these are MY opinions, and may or may not be the same opinions of the other members of the band. I just felt I needed to point that out.

We played this month at Hooligan's in Long Branch two days after the terrorist attacks. It was a tough decision on my part - to play or not to play? Some band members thought it was inappropriate. But ultimately, we ended up playing. The audience seemed happy to have us there. Same for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walks. At several of these, the National Anthem was sung prior to the walks. Sheila Connors sang accapella. It was an emotional thing for her, but she did an amazing job. We got a phone call from someone who read the article about us in the JERSEY JOURNAL about our participations in these walks. She called to thank us for supporting the cause. Her father died of Leukemia. She wanted to buy our CD. It was very touching for me to hear this message and helped me a little with getting back on track about why I play music.

We also participated in the LIMC compilation CD release parties at the Wrong Way Inn. We played the 30th. Monies were collected to benefit the Red Cross - we donated 3 CDs and they all sold, so that was great. The compilation CD sounds amazing.... "Cog in a Wheel" was included. We actually showed up late to this gig due to insane traffic and bad weather. Everyone present was so supportive, the band scheduled to go on at 9:00 switched time slots with us, and it was just a really supportive and amazing environment. So that's it for this time....



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