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Dear Surfer:

September was not a great month, at least not for me. I've decided I will not speak for the rest of the band any more because I am not the rest of the band, I'm just me, Stefanie. It was just not a good month for me. Everything seemed to go wrong at my day job, in my personal life and in the band. Sheila moved back to Buffalo. She will still be gigging with us, she's still in the band, but she won't be able to rehearse. I've become so close to her and I'm happy for her because she's got a great group of peeps up there, but I'm concerned about the future of bn9. Concerned about the future in general, really. Also, this month, our gig at O'Donnell's was cancelled the week before due to a miscommunication (thanks Luis for showing up anyway!! I will speak for the band now - we love you!) On the 13th, we played at Desmond's and it was loads of fun... made new fans and had a new singer that night - Majken. She is very sweet and she did a good job. Finally, the house cleaner stole all my arrangements, if you know what I'm saying. If you don't, ask me. It never feels good to be ripped off and vengence has crossed my mind. But there is definitely a song here!

Anyway, I guess there's not really anything catastrophic that happened. We all have our ups and downs. Far be it from me to spread "bad vibes" or negativity in this Dear Surfer. Last month, I wrote about making a new CD. But now I'm not so sure. I have so much debt and so many things to spend money on. Plus, I'm not a good leader. I hate telling people what to do. I hate that I HAVE to tell people what to do. I just read September 2000. We had just had our CD release party. Even September 2001 was pretty cheerful. Whatever. I won't give up on my dreams. I recommend no one do that! I'm just glad September is over. On the 28th and 29th, we played 2 benefits for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society... their Light the Night Walks at Secaucus High School and at Sussex County Fairgrounds. The drive to the Fairgrounds was incredible, and it was fabulous to do a weekend of gigs. I long to be on the road! It lifted me up at the end of a poopy month, and the walkers seemed to appreciate that we were there playing music. So, I'm feeling better, but I just don't know what to do next.

Come see us October 27th in Brooklyn. We'll be performing with the horns and it should be hot. Really nice place called Club Europa.. a classy joint. I'll have directions and stuff up soon. And I will stop whining now!



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