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Vacation was fun. But now it's done. Been done for a while, actually. I got back September 13th and immediately got back to business. I had no choice in the matter, because as I mentioned last month, Camari has moved to Columbus, OH, and with all the LIGHT THE NIGHT walks coming up in October, we had to find a fill infor her - it's an expensive plane ride and a long drive to Columbus. More on that later...

So our only gig this month was Sunday, the 28th, at the Luna Stage in Montclair, NJ. Great time, nice place, fabulous people. Great sound guy, too. I mean, the people at this place were really really awesome to work with. The venue itself? Well, next time we play there, I hope to see more people I know in the audience. It is a beautiful theater and would be a prefect setting to shoot a music video. Everyone in NJ should go there and not just when we're playing, because the owners truly truly care about music and want to make the venue a haven for artists. I could feel that vibe in the air and it felt good. It was great to meet Patti Wolf of Please visit now and often and check out the fantastic internet radio station Patti has created! And do check out what's happening at the Luna Stage by visiting

Since Camari moved, we did indeed find a singer to fill her shoes on the 28th. Her name is Amy Leeds and she worked her butt off and learned 12 songs in about 2 weeks (and has to learn another 11 for our light the night walks which start this weekend.) She's got a really pretty voice and everyone in the band agrees - we like her! She'll be performing with us at most of our gigs in October. Camari will be here the 11th and 12th.

Is this the shortest "Dear Surfer" in the history of blue number nine? Next month will be chock full o' gigs to report on. Meanwhile, we hope to see you at Le Bar Bat this Thursday or at Love Sexy in Hoboken on October 18th! On Thursday, the Random Horns and Joel Hirsch, percussionist, will be with us. So I'm begging you to come to this gig, OCTOBER 2nd, because in NYC, artists such as blue number nine are reduced to begging people to come to our gigs. That's just the way it is. PLEASE COME. Please. Our entire future in NYC depends on it. (I'm making a bad joke, here, people. I am being extremely sarcastic. Yes, we do need people there. Because if we don't have people there, the booking agent will be very mad at us, will probably be very mean to me, and they'll probably never book us again. Does our entire future depend on it? ah....... no. I refuse to give in to the stress of the draw any longer.)



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