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Dear Surfer:

Happy autumn. I'm sad summer's over and it wasn't a very busy one for blue number nine, but now, we have our sights set on recording another CD and I'm excited to have a project to work on. I've actually been kind of bored lately (even though I'm working, tutoring and playing in another band!) But a new recording project should fix that!

We played the Frenchtown River Festival on both September 1st and 2nd. The weather was perfect which made for beautiful driving. Frenchtown is so cute and the surrounding farmland is peaceful and lovely to look at. The event itself seemed successful to me. There were quite a lot of people in attendance both days and we sold CDs and made new fans. I spent money at the festival -- I bought two t-shirts from Civilian Basics (they have great stuff) and a really cute dress from Alchemy. I wore the dress the second day and was in the fashion show.

We had Igor, Paul and Viola on this show and Viola's boyfriend took tons of photos which you can see on our photos page. Everyone in the band had a good time and we hope the audience did, too!

Next, we booked a sort of last minute show in NYC on September 19th at a place called R Bar. This was a great show, even though neither Jack nor Igor could do it. Instead we had Luca Tozzi on guitar and Luca Santaniello on drums. We had Dara and Morgan on vocals, a great pair. The place was good and crowded, which didn't suprise me considering there was open bar from 7-8. We put on a high energy show and got some names on our NYC mailing list... so now I guess we have to book another NYC show! Thanks to everyone who came out, especially Howard for bringing Elmore Magazine to give away (added a festive atomosphere) and my CBS pals for taking pictures. If you're in NYC, next time we play the R Bar, you should come on out. It's cute and comfy.

Next up was our last gig of the month on Sept 21st in Journal Square. The weather was great -- summery. We had Igor, Viola and Morgan on the gig. I had a fun time playing all these Journal Square shows this summer and look forward to doing it again next year. Maybe they'll even give us more dates, we'll see! It's a stressful gig because it depends on the weather, but we were lucky this year. Last year, we only had one booking and it got rained out.

That's it for bn9 in September. We are currently rehearsing for our next CD. We may actually have a producer working on it with us, we'll see. I'm not going to hold my breath, but if this person does end up working with us, it would be a fantastic and amazing thing because this person is famous! That's all I'm going to say. If it works out, I'll reveal the name. If it doesn't, it will always be a mystery.




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