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Dear Surfer:

This was a mellow month. We only had one show on the 24th in Journal Square. It was me, Marco, Jack, Morgan, Nadina and Luca Tozzi filling in on guitar. This is the first time we've had 2 female singers in a while. Paul's done just about every show with us this year. Ex backup singer Jill Shuler stopped by and it was great to see her! Also nice meeting Morgan's friend April.

But that's it, not much more to say about September. We'll be back in NYC in November. We really would love to see all of our friends at this show so please mark your calendars - Nov. 12th at 8pm at the R Bar - blue number nine!!

I got some new song ideas this month but haven't fleshed them out. They're sitting on my little recorder waiting to be born. I haven't been very inspired to write lately.

Oh yea, big news - I quit smoking cigarettes on September 5th. It's been really hard since I've smoked for so long, but I'm determined to give them up for good this time. I've quit before, but this time I'm quitting for real!



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