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Dear Surfer:

Man, time flies too fast! Each month, my plan is to find someone else to write this letter to you, but next thing I know, the month is over so I just do it myself.

We had one gig in September. The Liquid Lounge in NYC. The place is teeny weeny, so we had no problem packing. We had the waitresses dancing. and overall, it was a good time. Our rendition of "Happy Birthday" (to our friend and fan Susan U.) was...well, raw, but we basically did our thang! We also had a label guy there and a promoter from Europe. You never know who's gonna show up where.

So since it's been a slow gig month, I sent out lots of tapes for reviews. We got a good one from Lauren Faccidomo at NJRocks. If you haven't read it yet, do! It's on our reviews page. Lauren is honest, painfully so at times, so we are honored by what she had to say about us! Check it out.

Other news - We're doing bookings ourselves now and could use all the help we can get. We've added 2 new original tunes to our list and I personally want to write more! Bookings take up a lot of time. We've got a new guy who has shown interest in working with us on bookings...I'll introduce him to you next month when all the pieces are together. But any info on places you think we should play would be appreciated. We want to take gigging slowly, because one of our collective determinations is to be recording by the end of 1998 (yeah, yeah, yeah, you might say), but we also want to play! It's hard to find the right balance sometimes, but this is one of life's themes, isn't it.

Don't let me forget to mention the show that Kim and I attended at Fez on September 23rd. Our pals at Xanthi Music set up a showcase and Big Honey, one of my favorite indie bands, tore the place up as the headlining act. We missed the other bands, unfortunately. The club let Big Honey do an encore which was really cool because Xanthi was given strict guidelines about finishing time, and they definitely went longer than they were originally told they could. You must check out Big Honey ASAP! Once they've got a website up, I'll let you know.

October is going to be a nutty month. Please come out to one of our shows. We're all over NJ, with one date in Mahopac NY on the 10th, and on the 23rd, we're playing at the Spot which is on campus at SUNY in Stonybrook. Also, we'd love it if you got on our e-mail list so we can keep you abreast of website updates, gig dates and other good news, which I'm sure is on its way (at least I've got my fingers crossed.) And that's about it for now. Happy autumn, and let me know if you hear of any good Halloween parties coming up. Ta ta for now.



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